Shall I Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable?

That's just it - all my clothes are a little TOO comfortable - they are all too big!! It feels so nice to say this - a lot better than saying "My clothes are too tight" which is something that I've said a lot over the years!

Last weekend I had a massive clear out of my wardrobe because I've lost more than a stone in weight since January, and dropped two dress sizes. I've been going to Slimming World which has been brilliant in offering team support and some fresh ideas of things I can cook so I don't go down the 'eating the same thing all the time and getting bored' route! It is working. Apart from a week each month when I go a little off the rails for reasons you ladies will understand, I've found the plan easy to stick to and as long as I use the website and magazine for recipe ideas, I've had so much variety I can't get bored!

So what to do with all my big clothes? The timing is perfect because TK Maxx have just launched a campaign in April called 'Give up Clothes for Good'. This is the fifth annual campaign which encourages people to take quality used clothing to their nearest TK Maxx store during April, which will then be passed to Cancer Research and sold in the charity shops, with the proceeds going to fund research into children's cancer

I've got a couple of pairs of jeans (really nice ones too!) plus a few tops and two flowery dresses to donate which should raise some money for a great cause whilst clearing some room for me in my wardrobe! Fortunately I have some 'smaller' clothes to wear- things that I've been storing for the past 4 years or so and can now fit into again so I'm not completely naked!

For more info about the TK Maxx campaign, see here:

For Slimming World, see here:

But if you are in the Methley area of West Yorkshire, my Sister in Law is about to open up the latest new Slimming World group (on 24th April)! Stop by and say "Hi" and in a few weeks you too could be clearing out your bigger clothes! Lyndsey's group is at Methley Village Centre on Tuesdays at 0930 - tell her that 'Juggle Mum' sent you!!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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