Nadine in Internet Video Sensation!

Did the headline make you think this would be a 'Tulisa sex tape' kind of post? Sorry to disappoint if that's what you were after but I really do have some great news about me and video and the internet at large!

This blog has been shortlisted for a BiB Award which stands for 'Brilliance in Blogging', and it is one of 20 blogs that are shortlisted in the 'Video' category!

Video Shortlist

The funny thing is, when I appealed for a few votes a fortnight ago on this blog, it wasn't even for that category! I was going for 'Inspirational blog' but I guess my readers had other plans and thought my videos were better! *Thank you!*

Doing videos on my blog has always been a passion of mine and I have plans for some great new videos in the coming months too but if you wanted to see all my videos in one place, check out my YouTube Channel.

What happens now is that the voting has started for all the blogging categories and I would like to ask you all, dear readers, if you would do me the honour of voting for this blog!! Every single vote helps me get to the final and being a finalist in a blogging awards would be the best thing ever! I've never been in a blog award final before and would LOVE to have the chance to get glammed up - I may even get my tiara out again and be the 'queen for a day'. Remember this picture when I got onto BBC Radio Leeds?

To vote it is REALLY simple. It will take about 30 seconds, I promise! Just go to this page: and you can see all the categories and the shortlisted blogs. Go to category number 6 for the 'Video Award' and this blog, Juggle Mum is blog number 8. Just tick the box next to 'Juggle Mum' and go to the bottom of the page to click on 'DONE'. That's it!! You don't have to give your details, you don't have to fill out a complex form, just vote for me and submit the vote, that's all there is to it! However you can only vote once from your computer so if you want to vote for other bloggers in other categories, make sure you do it all on the same form!!

If you wanted further proof of how importantly I take my video blogging, check out this recent post I did on Juggle Mum, which was a challenge to survive a day without paper! HP set the challenge and I wrote my script, shot each segment of video, recorded it (with the help of my children!), edited the video and published it to this blog. I was paid for doing this video which goes to show how modern marketing methods for big companies are changing - turning to vloggers like me to help them get their message out alongside their other promotional activities. I have been paid for doing several videos on my website, not all of them, and I do put a note into the blog post where 'sponsored content' is shown but isn't that fab? How mums these days can be at home with the kids and still make money from doing something that they love?

There are exciting times ahead for video blogging and I will be at the forefront of them, showing you what I've been up to and how I did it so if you are interested in getting a bit of the action for yourself, you can see how! It would mean such a lot to me to be a finalist in this awards category, so please do cast a vote my way, and if you have any thoughts about what kind of topics you would like to see me cover in future video blogs, leave a comment below and I will make a list of future videos to do!

Here is where you can see which blogs were shortlisted for all the categories and the link to the voting form is here too.

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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