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I suppose it's an occupational hazard in the life of a writer to sometimes write too much. As a busy mum I have to be organised with my time and the article below is not my normal blog fodder but it is a piece that I wrote for a website that I regularly contribute to.

Only problem is, that I wrote the agreed article well in advance and had it scheduled for delivery the week before the deadline, when the Editor came back to me and changed the story! I did a completely new feature for the website but I didn't want to waste all my work on this one, so here you go! The piece is about how to squeeze in a beauty routine when you don't think you have the time! Enjoy!

Having a dewy complexion and smooth hands with glossy nails is easy, and you can do it while you sleep! If you’ve had no time for yourself over the winter, here’s a quick and simple way to get ‘spring fresh’ before the clocks go forward!

Beauty sleep is our best way to stay young looking and clear headed, but what if you could maximise the time you spend sleeping to get your body looking buff too? The key is to be organised! All it takes is five minutes before you turn out the light and a bedside box of tricks and you will have softer skin, stronger nails and tanned limbs in just a few weeks!

Our bodies have been cooped up all winter so before you embark on your quick and easy bedtime beauty plan, get down to some routine maintenance. Take a soak, shave your legs and underarms, remove old nail polish and pluck your eyebrows to give yourself a ‘blank canvas’. From now on it will take just five minutes a night to unleash your inner goddess.

• Stock your bedside drawer with some essentials. If the products you need are close to hand, you won’t be tempted to miss a night.

• For tanned limbs: use a sunless tanner. Something that you can use daily to build up a natural looking glow over several weeks.

• For ‘sandal ready’ feet: smooth over a thick foot cream to soothe tired feet and combat the dried, cracked skin that forms on your heels over the winter.

• Radiant skin: choose a night cream suited to your age. Creams can work harder during the night as they don’t have make up on top of them, and use a special eye cream too for the thinner skin on your eye area. Dark circles can be reduced by taking time to moisturise here.

• Bright eyes: you are about to sleep but before you do, use an eye drop to moisturise your eyeball. Eyes can become dry and irritated after contact with the elements and a quick drop each night will help keep them well watered and clean.

• Luscious lips: Pat on some lip balm so your pout stays pert and lips feel soft.

• Stronger nails: apply a nail strengthener nightly to beat cracked, brittle nails. Also keep an emery board in your bedside drawer to keep the shape neat. It’s best to apply the nail strengthener last in your routine so it can dry whilst you drift off to sleep. Just remember to keep your hands above the duvet until it is touch dry!

Once you’ve added all the ingredients, sleep away for eight hours letting your lotions and potions do their job and wake up to a smoother and glossier you. Even with a busy schedule you can be a yummy mummy – all it takes is five minutes a night!

That's it! Normal service is now resumed:-)

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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