The Difference Between Postal Deliveries

I don't usually like to moan, but Royal Mail had me fuming last week!

I got a parcel in the post- quite an interesting looking parcel I think. It was a large padded Jiffy bag which obviously had several items in it. This parcel arrived torn open with one of the items inside missing, and was given to me by an apologetic post delivery lady with details of how to complain!

This might not sound like reason to be fuming, but it is not the first time that I've had parcels and brighly coloured envelopes delivered to me already opened. On my last birthday, one of my cards had already been examined. I suspect that the person who opened it thought that there might be cash inside, but thankfully it was just a card. I've also had some foodstuffs sent to me in the post where the outer package was opened. Big packets seem really exciting when you don't know what's in them. When this one was opened, all my foodstuffs arrived intact - the person who opened that item obviously didn't fancy a fat free vanilla pudding, but it's irritating to get your post delivered to you in a clear plastic bag with a standard Royal Mail apology on it, saying that occasionally post gets damaged in transit. Strangely enough, none of my letters about Council Tax, utility bills, post in plain brown envelopes or junk mail arrives damaged - only the 'exciting' looking stuff.

So what was in my damaged package? I was sent some Dettol cleaning wipes for the kitchen and bathroom from a lovely PR, and also a Dettol No Touch was in there too- this is one of those handwash and dispenser systems that has a sensor so you don't have to press a pump to get your soap. Guess which item was missing when my post arrived? Let's just say I have a very clean kitchen and bathroom!

The Dettol stuff was sent to me because they have just launched a new Power & Pure range which cleans with no chemical residue so it is safe for mums to use around their children. Because it doesn't use bleach, the need to wipe away afterwards is removed too- saving time on the cleaning, and we all want to know how to save time don't we? I tried out the wipes and I found them nice smelling and effective at getting up the dirt, so I'm glad I got to try them out. Personally I prefer wipes to sprays when it comes to cleaning, if I can help it- as I find them easier to whizz round, but the Power & Protect range comes in a spray too. You can learn more here:

So that was one delivery last week and contrast that to my other experience. One lunchtime, a DHL van pulled up outside and the driver came to my door with a large box. I knew that Kellogg's were planning to send me a box of their new Mini Max cereal to try, but imagine my surprise when I got 10 boxes- a whole crate!! I think the driver thought I'd won a competition or something, but I skipped inside carrying my cereal! Much as I love cereal I didn't think I could eat 10 boxes, so I kept three for myself then gave the rest out to my family and friends. The school run mums were happy that day when I turned up with 5 boxes of Mini Max to give out! Here is me pulling along the extras!

This new cereal is made with wholegrain wheat to help you stay fuller longer, and I found it really tasty too. My kids weren't willing to give it a try unfortunately. My daughter likes her bacon for breakfast and my son can be fussy anyway, but I will definitely eat the Mini Max myself- all three boxes worth! If you want to try it for yourself, it is in supermarkets now.

**I want to thank Kellogg's for the free cereal they sent me and also Dettol for the Power & Pure wipes. The lovely PR is also popping another Dettol handwash into the post for me as my last one went astray, so thank you for that too!

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  1. That would have made me really cross too! You automatically assume things will be safe in the postal service. We had a birthday card with £10 that went astray last year. As you say its funny how brown envelopes never get lost but a brightly coloured birthday card does!

  2. So true- thanks for sharing, Mum of All Trades! It's not nice but I am sort of glad I'm not the only one that this has happened to!!


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