Updating An Old Laptray!

I had two laptrays that were looking tatty and after a recent trip to Dunelm Mill, I also had some offcut oilcloth so I decided to spruce up my tired old laptrays!

Here they are 'before':

...And here's how I did it!
First step- prepare the surface by peeling off ripped lining, and cleaning off any spills:

Then, paint over the old design so that it can't show through the new fabric:

After this I cut the oilcloth to size, stuck down with superglue and taped over the edges with masking tape to finish! I couldn't find brown tape which I think would have been better, but I used black and it looks ok!

What do you think! Do you like the new design? Drop me a comment!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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