Is Your Book Still A Dream, Waiting to Happen?

Today is the start of the third month of 2012 and some of us will be still going strong with our New Year’s resolutions whilst some of us are back on the carbs, ciggies, chocolate (delete as appropriate!) But it’s not too late to make positive changes and any day can be the first day of the rest of your life.

One of my ambitions several years ago was to write a book. Not a novel or piece of chick-lit, I’d tried that before and become stuck quite quickly! I wrote a non-fiction book, drawing upon my knowledge and experience, and I timed it right – my subject was emerging in a business marketplace so the book achieved a lot of success, becoming a best-seller on Amazon! After this, I used to get scores of people approaching me at events to tell me that they’d always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to start or how to find the time!

Writing a book is an ambition that a lot of people hold, but it is also an ambition that we can easily talk ourselves out of, worried that we won’t have enough to say to fill a book, that no-one will buy it or even if we have it in us to finish it in the first place! I’m a big believer in going for it – regardless of what ‘it’ is for you, so I knew that I wanted to write another book to help people who wanted to write their own book.

‘I Don’t Have Time To Write’ came out in 2011 and has so far, helped hundreds of people to believe that they can write a book and to find the time to actually do it! I have the writing bug now and have the synopsis written for four further books on my computer, I've yet to decide which I'm going to tackle first!

It’s exciting to think that having one book written has led to a thirst for doing more, and nothing is more satisfying than achieving a long held personal dream. My next goal is to shift some weight which I’ve been doing slowly for a while but have turbo boosted since January! I’m focused and ready to make it happen, and it will. Tell me about what you will make happen for yourself in 2012? I’m willing you on – you CAN do it and I'd love to hear about it when you do.

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