Shhh! A Cheeky Secret!

I did something a few weeks ago that made me smile in secret all day long!

I had seen a little job advert and had decided to go for it - what the hell, eh? It was a writing job so I'd be able to work from home and it consisted of doing one column a month for 12 months. I figured I would apply - the only thing is that this was a writing job with a *ahem* difference! It was to be the new Sex Columnist for Easy Living Magazine!!

I have been with my husband for more than 20 years (even though we are both in our 30's) and we have two young children. This was the criteria you see. You had to be in a long term relationship with AT LEAST two young children and be keeping things spicy! I thought we might just fit the bill. I wasn't up for any 'same sex' or 'threeway' shenanigans, but a bit of dressing up, a toy or two and some dirty talk would be pretty easy to accomplish and then write about anonymously.

I smiled all day long because what a secret eh? To be walking round your town or doing the school run looking like a normal person when actually you are a secret sex goddess!! To have on your lace trim satin tie side panties and matching balconette bra under your jeans and T shirt combo, rather than the usual Hanes black hi-leg stretchy practical briefs?!

My husband couldn't stop smiling either- when I told him what I'd done. We had a juicy secret, and it was a lot of fun! Then a few days ago I got an email. One of those 'Thank you for your interest but we have been inundated with applications and on this occasion, you didn't make the shortlist'. I wasn't surprised- it actually made me giggle a little. Thank God! I think I was a bit relived that I didn't have to share my bedroom antics with the world at large. But it was a nice daydream for a while - it brought our intimate life into more focus. It is easy in a marriage to take each other for granted or start to neglect the activities that you maybe did seven times a day when you first got together but have lapsed to once every few weeks because you are both working all the time, the kids have been ill and the cat keeps on puking up on your carpet. It made me think about it a lot more, and you know how the saying goes - thoughts lead to action!

...I'm also pleased to say I have spring cleaned my knicker drawer!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x


  1. You don't half make me laugh Nadine! I could really see you as a Carrie Bradshaw type character as well!

  2. Well, I can see a lot of similarities between me and Carrie....
    We share a love of shoes, we spend a lot of time at our laptops and we both have a 'Mr Big'!! haha I shouldn't have said that, but at least it's complimentary!! tee hee!

  3. Erm me too - I'd applied for that and got the email too. I'd love to know who got the gig.

  4. Haha Ellen! It's good to know who else went for it- did you have a secret smile all day too?!
    I'd love to know who got it- they must be minxier than us!!!!


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