The Girl On The Train With A Mop Bucket!

She was coming to see me.

Ten years ago I would have been the PR girl schlepping a bag of samples and a press release on and off trains to visit people for my clients, but roll on a decade and I'm the one being brought treats! I wish it could have been make up, fashion or maybe a shiny new gadget but my little gift was stuff for cleaning!

It made me laugh later that day as I unwrapped my easy rinse power scourer. In my head I still feel like a trendy teenager on the cutting edge of cool. If PRs want to send me any products to try they should be Margarita Mix and a pair of suede hot pants to wear whilst I'm drinking it. In my head, I'd be whisked off on a hedonistic weekend break by the travel PR for the Isle of Fernando's whilst carrying the latest 'Harper' bag, given to me by my good friend Victoria Beckham.

But the reality is that I don't drink much at all- the odd glass of Asti maybe at a party, or if it's a hot day- a cool beer. ...And I'd never get those hotpants past my knees- even after I get to my Slimming World target!

Let's face facts, I'm a mum. I love being a mum - and if I say so myself, I'm a pretty good one. But mums don't get whisked off to the Isle of Fernando's - they get sent mops to play with instead.

Bless her, Vic had hauled ass from Manchester to Wakefield with a change over at Leeds in her trendy outfit - accessorised with a shiny red mop bucket. That's dedication. She took me through the Vileda range, enthustistically telling me what each bit did and how it all worked, and I told her that I can't really get excited about mops unfortunately, (unless they are like robot mops that come and do it all for you- making you a cup of tea after they have polished the floor)! But I listened and took it all in and was rather pleased later that day when I whipped the 1.2 Spray Mop over my kitchen floor and found it easy to use and did the job in seconds so I could have a proud housewifely moment, enjoying the clean floor before the cat came in and chewed his beef in gravy all over it.

Mums may be the target audience for products for the home, but we are also the target for sleepy kisses from our soft cheeked kids, cuddles at bedtime after they have gotten into their clean pyjamas and wonkily hand drawn pictures of one eyed chicken robots with 'I love you Mummy' written underneath. Whoever gets to go to Fernando's wont get all that, so I wouldn't swop it for the world. Even if Paddy McGuinness came to the door and asked me himself!

The Vileda website is here in case you are motivated by this post to have your own housewifely moment! Here is the blog too.

This is me and Victoria (The Vileda PR) at our meeting:

She's the young, good looking one on the right, in case you were wondering.

Disclosure: A) I was given a few free mops and pan scourers by the Vileda PR which is why she got a train to see me.
B) Victoria Beckham doesn't know me from Adam!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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