CybHer Meet n Greet!

Whilst browsing blogland, I saw the CybHer Meet n Greet post on Rosie Scribble's blog and was inspired to join in! I'm looking forward to this event- to have a day out 'sans children' for a start, but also because I just love making new friends, catching up with old ones and buying a hot new dress for the occasion!

Here is my 'Meet n Greet' - I can't wait to see you there!
The basics -

name: Nadine Hill
web: Juggle Mum
twitter: @businessmum
height: I always thought I was 5ft7 but apparently I'm only 5ft6. I must have shrunk!
hair: Red, but my collars and cuffs don't match! I was blonde for 8 years but red is a new one for me. I'm originally a brunette!

Five things about me:
1. I'm a game show junkie. I've been on Wheel of Fortune, The Weakest Link, Blankety Blank, Brainteaser (Channel 5), Who Wants to be a Great Cook (cable tv), A Place in the Sun Home or Away (ok so this isn't strictly a game show!) and I'm currently waiting for Noel or the Banker to get in touch about my Deal or No Deal application!
2. I've lost two and a half stone so far of a seven stone journey. By the time we get to CybHer, I plan to have shifted a couple more stone and be wearing a size 14. I'm currently an 18 but not for long *cackles and rubs hands together!*
3. I'm married to my childhood sweetheart and have spent more years with him than without him (20+). Plus I still think he's sexy.
4. My favourite word is 'effervescent'.
5. I love Asti Martini and soft rock and a bit of bling and bright toenails and new clothes and Clarins hand cream and people who smile a lot. Plus I can't get enough of Aussie sitcom 'Kath & Kim' "That's noice"!

If you are going or want to see who else is, just add your post to this linky!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Aww I love the bit about being with your childhood sweetheart more years than without him. And I haven't realised you'd changed your hair colour. In my head you're blond. Just as well you posted a photo. Really looking forward to Cybher. See you there!

  2. I think you sat at my table at the first CyberMummy or did I make that up? Always nice to know someone who has been on more tv shows than me (just three).

  3. Surely the ultimate aspiration is Jeremy Kyle?! Nice to meet you. Loko forward to seeing you at Cybher.

  4. Thanks Rosei, Melaina and Debbie!
    Rosie- Yes, I was blonde for ages but nice to have a change isn't it! See you at CybHer!

    Melaina- Yes I think we were on the same CyberMummy table! Will be great to see you again and chat game shows!!

    Debbie - OMG! No way would I want to be on Jeremy Kyle! My hubby would have a fit if he thought there was any reason for a lie detector or a DNA test!! No, I like the cheesy shows where you can win a washing machine or something. They are exciting enough for me!!!

  5. Thanks for joining in Nadine. See you soon!

  6. OMG that is a lot of tv appearances!

    Hopefully see you at Cybher :)


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