To Switch... Or Not. What Do You Think?

January has been a month of 'cleaning house'. I didn't intend it this way but this is the way it has turned out. It has been a month of looking at areas of my life that need improving and doing something about them. It has been about biting the bullet and doing things that I maybe didn't want to do but needed to, and now I'm at the end of January, I'm happy that I did.

I joined Slimming World this month, and I'm so glad that I did because I need the education that it supplies. Prior to SW I was just eating whatever I fancied, not really thinking about what the fat content was, but I'm learning to cook the low fat way now and to be honest, I prefer eating food I have prepared (or that fellow slimmers have prepared!) because I know what is in it. I also took a look at my finances this month and made some plans for that area, and I finally got on top of my business accounts and dealt with tax returns and other 'official' stuff that I'd been putting off because let's face it, it is so boring.

Next I'm looking at my blog. I have been planning a re-design for a while now and I know what sort of look and feel I want for the background and header. I have had the pink leopard spot design for 4 years and my baby who is shown in the header is now a school boy and we have an extra black cat, so things need bringing up to date. I want to create a really beautiful blog that reflects my current interests, I want to show some creative photography that I'm experimenting with and have a blog that looks almost like a 'coffee table' book - something shiny and modern that contains everything that I love, like my kids, what we get up to and my take on certain things. This is my little corner of the internet, so I why not fully use it.

Plus I'm a control freak. Well, this isn't strictly true - I was, before I had kids. I couldn't relax if a picture was hung on the wall all skew-whiff (is that the right spelling?!) But much to my own surprise I've chilled out, man! My laid back hubby has rubbed off on me so much so that nowadays he is more highly strung whilst I am the cool, chilled out parent! Ok, I'm not the chilled out parent, more like the disciplinarian but I am more relaxed about mess in the house and getting a chocolatey handprint on me! However my organised streak wants this blog to be tidier. To have less categories that posts fit into and to look 'cleaner'.

This is where I need your help. If you were me, would you re-design this existing blog or start a fresh new one? My blogging platform is currently Google's Blogger but I could go to Wordpress. There are probably loads of other free blogging platforms out there but I don't know what they are - suggestions welcome! I know loads of my fellow BritMums members are really tech savvy and know loads about SEO, so let me know what you do! If I stay with Blogger, can I trim down the categories (labels)that I have to choose from. Seriously, have you seen how many I have? It is ridiculous!

I'm happy to entertain any comments, suggestions or theories guys, so please share your thoughts. Should I switch - or not?

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Hi Nadine!
    I've personally always found that your blog was slow to load on my computer which I think might be related to the size of your background image so you might want to consider a lighter image.
    I think that I you switch to Wordpress you won't regret it but if you are serious a out developing your blog go for the self hosted one, not the free version. Also if you were going for the free one you wouldn't be able to link your domain and that would be a real pain.
    I have all my blog hosted with godaddy and pay under £6 a month to be host up to 25 blogs. Not that I would ever go to that number!

  2. Hi Peggy
    Thanks ever so much for the comment. I never realised my blog may be slow to load before, but I can see what you mean. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    Also, your comments re Wordpress have all been taken on board! You are a star!
    Nadine x


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