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Product Name: Premium School Shoes by Its Got Soul
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Price: £49.99
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Its Got Soul’ offer a new and stylish solution to ill-fitting and unsupportive high street school shoes for young and teen girls. These are a brand new footwear line created by a mother of a teen daughter who developed severe back problems from wearing high street style pumps to school from her early teens. The Its Got Soul shoe styles have been in development for over a year, working with The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP), designs are informed by the Division of Podiatry at the University of Northampton. Its Got Soul are tested by the BLC Leather Technology Centre in Northampton to ensure each style offers young, developing feet the required support, and flexibility required for every day, long wear.

Initial Thoughts: When the box arrived, I noticed how sturdy the box was. Mums notice things like this, even though it shouldn't matter to how well the shoe works, but you get an idea about a product based upon many factors, and the shoe box it comes in is one of them. It made me want to open up and see what was inside - I was expecting quality based on the box. My daughter didn't care about the box, she just wanted to see the shoes!

My daughter had chosen the Giselle shoe - a ballet style pump with an elastic strap across the foot. It was simple and classic, and we were both happy with it. Mums of girls will know, they have different criteria to you when it comes to their shoes. They care how it looks, mums care about how well it fits and that it will allow space for their feet to grow, and then how it looks. We were both satisfied. I thought that it was a well fitting shoe of good quality and it had some structure around the toe, to allow my daughter's toes room to move whilst hopefully ensuring that the shoe keeps its shape in the long run. In the past when I have bought cheaper shoes, I've found that after a few weeks of wear they don't hold their shape and they start to slop and slide on the foot so your child isn't walking properly in them. As these were developed alongside Chiropodists and Podiatrists, I feel confident that they will hold up in the long term.

I Liked: I loved how this shoe is from a UK company and that a mumpreneur developed it. It feels nice to know that you are supporting UK business to buy from this company. The shoes all have leather uppers, leather insoles and Vibram soles. I learned after a quick Google search that Vibram soles are important because a Vibram sole was initially developed for climbing wear for its excellent traction on the widest range of surfaces, it is from an Italian company that supplies many leading footwear manufacturers with their rubber soles, so basically - no slipping and sliding in these shoes! Plus, the inner part of the shoe has a cushioned sole so they will feel comfortable to wear all day.

I wasn't Keen:
There was nothing about the shoe itself that I didn't like, I just wish that there had been more choice of styles on the company's website which is why I gave this review four out of five stars. There are currently three designs available to buy at £49.99 each, and whilst they are attractive shoes, it would have been nice to have seen more styles to choose from.

Overall: These shoes are great school shoes that will keep your daughters feet safe, secure and smart looking all term. As the box they come in is so sturdy, at least you will have somewhere proper to store them to make it easier to look after them!

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