Our weekend with Kermit!

Is it a 'normal' thing to do to take a two pint milk carton to the spa, or to your son's classroom? What if you stuck a Kermit face onto the front of it? Is that better or worse?!

Well this is what we did over the weekend! On Friday my kids made a Kermit out of a milk carton because Cravendale sent us some stickers. It is for a competition to win a year's supply of milk, and we drink a lot of the good stuff at our house so this would be a very useful competition to win! You can see the post at the BritMums Blog. So the kids and I had a brainstorm to work out how we could win the milk, and this is what we came up with...

Here is Kermit being made:

Then we bundled him into the car and went to school:

Here is Kermit in my son's classroom with his teacher:

Then the next day we all went swimming, so along came Kermit! Here he is with my mum:

...and here he is by the spa pool with my daughter:

Kermit had such fun with us this weekend... and it was actually fun for us too as we thought up creative ways to show Kermit's adventure with the family! I hope Kermit's 'great day out' wins us the milk. I'll let you know on this blog if we win!!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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