Littlewoods Fashion Challenge - The Results!

DISCLAIMER: I got free clothes! Yes, this post is a review post so if you don't particularly like those, stop reading although you will miss out on a laugh when you see me in the last picture.

I love clothes (who doesn't?!) so when Littlewoods offered me a few new pieces to see how I could make them work with my existing wardrobe, I said - "Bring it on, baby!" Here is my first post about this challenge, in case you want the background info too!

It was going to be a 5 piece challenge, but shoes weren't in stock or something, so I got to work the clothing instead. In total, I was sent some jeans, a smart blouse, a chunky cardigan and an evening dress, and here is what I did with them!

Black Jeans:

It was a grey December Saturday and I was taking the kids to a soft play area for a child's birthday party. These jeans looked great and I was able to dress them up with my costume jewellery. They are called 'Curvalicious Bum Lift' jeans, and I did feel quite bootylicious in them so I give them a thumbs up!

Grey Cardigan:

This cardigan was a useful cover up when it got cold, but I loved that it was a fashion forward, everyday piece. I was able to wear one of my silky summer tops with this, despite the cold weather, and I think it looked lovely - don't you?!

Slinky Shirt:

This shirt came in handy when I helped out in the school office and needed something smart to wear! I teamed it with a black skirt and heels for a more formal look but it would work equally well with jeans for a more casual occasion.

Red dress:
Here is me wearing the dress:

...but it looked better on my mum:

Mum will take this cocktail dress on her next Cruise- it is sure to impress the Captain!!

Here is the lowdown on the pieces I wore:
Curvalicious Bum Lift Bootcut Black Jeans, £35 (Very)
Curved Hem Grey Cardigan, £30 (Very)
Slinky Satin Blouse, £25 (Very)
One Shoulder Origami Frill Dress, £69 (Littlewoods)

All are available from and

Thank you to Jess, the lovely PR Fashionista who organised this haul.

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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