Family Time With The Grandparents

Time together is really special, especially the time my children spend with their Grandparents, and last week we all went to Butlins together to enjoy a brass band festival. I'm really happy with the photographs I took, I like natural shots rather than posed pictures, so I tried to get more of those! Here are my kids with Grandma & Grandad:

The various brass bands provided the entertainment which is not the usual Butlins programme, but we all really enjoyed it and there were also highlights that are typical Butlins such as the characters. My children spotted this guy wandering round on the first morning so we grabbed our camera!

Even though it was January we got a little welcome sun, although it was cold but you can't tell from this deckchair shot can you?

...well, maybe my daughter's fun fur coat and UGGs is a giveaway, but the cold weather didn't stop us visiting the beach! Each Butlins resort is next to a beach, and in Skegness where we were it was really pretty on the coast. I loved how deserted it was, there were only a couple of families out there with us and I got this lovely picture:

...and here are my three favourite people in the world, picking up shells:

During the weekend we went swimming (and on the water slides!), visited the funfair, spent all our 2p's in the arcade, watched some toe tapping music and indulged in some fab food in the premium dining restaurant. I managed to stick to my Slimming World plan for 95% of the time, my only weakness was the cheesecake on the Saturday night which I couldn't resist, but a bit of what you fancy does you good and I still lost one lb that week!

I'm glad that were were able to share this weekend with 'the Grandparents' and enjoy each others company, and as it was term time, my hubby, kids and I left on the Sunday night as we had to get to school and work the next day which meant that my In-Laws got to spend one night of the break alone and extend their holiday.

We've been on a Butlins break before and will do again, but if there is one thing I will take to future breaks with me it is that I loved being in the 'Premium Dining', and the bit extra it costs is worth it. I like having our own table to eat at, lots of choice of food and that it is less crowded in there. I'd highly recommend it!

Thank you to Butlins who provided the three night break at Skegness, as part of their Mum Ambassador programme for 2012.

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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