Butlins, Baby!

Before a family break, there is always the preparation and here are my children getting excited about a trip to Butlins!

I'm always mindful that having lots of family experiences together is better than 'stuff'. I'd prefer to take my children on a day out to have fun together than buy them a new game for the Wii, as the memories created last forever, whilst the fun of a new game is short lived. Taking short breaks is always a lot of fun, except when I have a mountain of washing to do afterwards, but I can live with the washing!!

On this break, we are going with my husbands parents, so it will be a three generational trip. We chose the 'Brass Band Weekend' as my father in law plays a brass instrument, a Baritone I think, and they love this style of music! It should be an experience- apparently there are 80 brass bands playing!

Bring it on, I like a bit of umm-pa-pah!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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