Hair's My New Look!

I had a colour change recently- going from a blonde to a chestnut redhead. Then a fortnight ago I had another colour to make my red even more vibrant! Hair's my new look! (see what I did there - 'here' / 'hair'!!) *groan* My jokes are so bad!

Having taken the step to go red back in September, I was feeling braver and wanted to go richer- more red and bump my colour up a few notches, so I went to the Regis salon in Leeds, armed with my pictures of famous red-heads and asked them to recreate it for me!

On my sheet of lovely reddies was Marcia Cross, Isla Fisher, Rose McGowan, Jill Zarin, Julianne Moore and Bella Thorne. I have to say, I think they did a great job. Here is me just before the stylist got to work...

Sam who was my stylist for the visit was brilliant. She knew just what kind of red I wanted and made sure that I got what I'd asked for. As my hair is so porous, it can take a while for a new colour to 'grab', so after colouring my hair Sam felt that I needed to have a colour refresher on the hair and a conditioning treatment, to make the colour look vibrant and shiny rather than 'flat'. I liked the way that she cared as much as I did about getting it right, and she checked I was ok for time, before doing anything extra.

It was a nice treat for me to get to a Central Leeds salon in the middle of the day. My youngest child started school full time from September, so this was one of the first 'days out' I'd had on my own without having to rush back for a nursery collection! I decided to make a day of it and do a little Christmas shopping in the morning before my salon visit, so it was a nice day. Fortunately I was doing a detox the week I went to the salon, so I'd already prepared a lunchtime smoothie to drink which I took in my bag, because it's awful when you are in a hair salon over the lunch period and not prepared, and you have to sit there hungry until you are released! So I was quite comfortable with my smoothie and the herbal teabags I took in with me which they kept boiling hot water for!

Having been all hair colours over the years, this is the first time I've been red, so I will keep this shade for a while. I think it adds warmth to my face and freshens up my look a bit!

I want to say a massive "Thank you" to Regis who gave me the colour and cut for free, in return for my participation in their recent Regis campaign to unveil the new face of Regis Salons! Here was my blog post about their announcement.

After the visit, the PR for Regis sent me some Designline Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner as well as some styling products. It was really nice to get a shampoo and conditioner that are designed to help keep the colour locked in, as it is heartbreaking when you see the colour you have had on, washed down the plughole after one wash! The set smelled really nice and the size of the bottles is decent too. I liked how the conditioner was as big as the shampoo bottle as it drives me nuts when you get the matching conditioner to a shampoo and the bottle is smaller! I use more conditioner than shampoo as my hair is so dry!

So that is my new look for Christmas. Are you having a change - maybe a new look you for 2012? Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Wow - fab colour! Can't beat a bit of time out at the hairdressers can you?

  2. You really need the confidence to carry off a colour like this - and knowing you as I do Nadine, I think you're *just* the lady for the job. It looks FAB :-)

  3. Ah thanks ladies!!! I just love the hairdressers - I'd live there if I could!! x


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