The App That 'POYNTs' You The Way!

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When I was emailed about a new app that promises to save busy parents time, a little excitement welled up inside! I am a busy mum, I'm juggling a lot of balls(!) and we all know how quickly life moves. Whatever I can do myself to enable me to glide through the day as smoothly as I can, I'm on it.

Did you see my video about how to ensure you don't get locked out? Or the video about staying on top of the costs and kids needs on a family day out? As you can see, I like little tricks to make life easier and be prepared, so I was all set to give this app a go!

Here is how the app looks on your phone:

As you can see, the screen is quite 'sunny' but this app links to the weather so if you are having a cloudy day where you are, the screen will be darker in the background. I thought this was quite cute- and it gives you information without you having to think about it!

I recently upgraded my phone so now I have an iPhone which makes it really easy to get apps. I searched for 'POYNT' in the App Store and found it straightaway. This is what the logo looks like so you know you have got the right app:

Basically what this app does is to help you find businesses, restaurants, movies and events that are local to you. So if you go out socially a lot- or visit places you are unfamiliar with, it can be really useful for helping you save time in finding what you need.

Here is how I used it for a week...

As we are getting close to Christmas and I'm having the family round, I knew I wanted to get my carpets cleaned, so I used the app to find local carper cleaners in my area. It displays the results in order of which business is closest to you geographically, and gives you the address. There is also the option to see the location of the business on a map, get directions or call from the app, so you don't have to copy and paste phone numbers into your keypad. I thought this was quite good, so I entered a few other business types to check that everything I could think of was represented. I don't currently need a locksmith or cavity wall insulation but it's reassuring to know that if I ever do need someone local of this nature, I can get their details quite easily through this app!

I liked the 'Movies' section of the app, as hubby and I are quite the movie buffs. Since having kids we don't get there as much as we used to but if we ever do get a chance to go to the cinema, we never know what is on (whereas at one time we would not only know what is coming out but have already seen most new releases on the day they premiere!) Using the app I could see what films are currently out and who is in them, as well as watch the trailer. You can search 'movies nearby' to see where they are playing as some cinemas won't always have everything showing, especially if a film is older. You can get today's screen times, directions to the theatre and call the cinema. The only thing you can't currently do from the app is book tickets, but you can ring them and do it that way, so you pretty much have everything you need within this feature.

Restaurants was a useful app when we went on a night out to a nearby city that we aren't familiar with. One of my husband's clients invited us to their Christmas party, so we had to meet at a certain restaurant. We had never been there before so once we'd parked up, I was able to search for the place using the app then get directions to walk there. I think that feature alone saved an argument (you know what blokes are like about asking for directions!)

The only feature of the app that I didn't really use was the 'Events' section. I had a play with it at home to see what it could do, but it wasn't really relevant to me at the time I tested the app. I think this feature would be more useful to me personally during the school summer holidays when I'm looking for ideas to entertain the kids and the weather is nice so we might look at a festival or being outdoors. Poynt did have a 'kids and family' section within 'Events' and currently this brings up a list of local pantomimes and church services, so it defintely has information all year round, but in the winter time, I'm not really looking for events - we tend to hibernate a bit more at this time of year! I was quite impressed however at the range of categories that this part of the app had. Whether you want to find a sci fi convention or a pet show- you can get the info here!

The app is free so really why wouldn't you give it a try! There are adverts in the search results and that pop up at the bottom but these are not intrusive. It is worth having the ads to get the information for free- it really has proved to be a useful app.

I like things clutter free and to have everything in its place and this includes my iPhone screen! Most of my other apps are organised into boxes like 'Cities', 'Shopping', 'Games' etc but I have left the Poynt app on my homescreen and actually filed away the weather app which I had on before. This is quite a big deal for me as something has to be really good in order to be allowed to 'stand alone' on my phone. My other stand alone apps include the calculator which I use a lot, Twitter (just look at my tweet stream to see how much I use this! I am @businessmum) and Voice Memos. I regularly use this to dictate things I don't want to forget. Oh, and my Shopping List is also a stand alone app because I use this every day to keep on top of my household purchasing!

You can learn more about the app here at their website:

Poynt is currently available in 8 countries, so I reckon it would be quite good for holidays- you never know when you'll need a doctor or a late night pharmacy when you don't know the layout of the land. I will be taking this with me when we go on our next family holiday. All in all, this is a very useful little app!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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