My X Factor Pizza Night!

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Saturday nights in my house from August to Christmas are always about X Factor. Now I have kids and my Saturday nights round the town are a distant memory, I love to get the family together on the sofa and cuddle up and watch our favourite show on telly! In this series, my daughter likes Janet the best, I'm warming up to Kitty - she's a great performer whatever you think of her personality, my husband likes Marcus and Craig and my son is just happy to watch along with us holding his Lotso bear! So last night we did our usual Saturday night thing, watching 'Derm' and the judges with a cup of tea (rock n roll eh?!)

Except last night we added something new into the mix. Chicago Town have brought out a limited edition X Factor pizza, so we had one of those! We also bought a Chicago Town Takeaway Cheese pizza too as one pizza for all of us wouldn't fly- we like our food, so with our pizza, coleslaw, nachos, beers and my little cup of tea, we settled down with our feast to watch the show. This is me with the X Factor box!

Last night's show was good- in a dramatic twist Amelia Lily was voted back on. I don't think she should have gone in the first place- she is a litte rocker and reminds me a bit of Miley Cyrus, but it's good to see her back. I think she will do well now her fate is dependant on a public vote and not a judges preference.

We loved the taste of the new Chicago Town X Factor Pizza, but trust me - use the oven ready tray provided with the pizza to cook - we put the cheese pizza in the oven before our X Factor one, and the cheese pizza stuck to the oven shelf because we hadn't read the instructions before baking. When we cooked our X Factor pizza on the oven ready tray, it came out perfectly. Because Chicago Town have made these pizzas to be like takeaway pizzas, with a real dough base and light and fluffy in the middle, you need the oven ready tray to support the pizza's weight in the centre which is where we went wrong the first time. However we still ate the cheese pizza, we put the bits onto a plate, gave the kids a bowl each and told them we'd already cut it up for them! They didn't question it!

Here is my husband and I with our X Factor pizza:

The X Factor pizza has a BBQ sauce stuffed crust and is topped with pepperoni, red onion, spicy beef and mozzarella. Each limited edition pizza comes with a free music download on the pack - you get this by entering the code from the box into Chicago Town's website. However in a twist of their own, you can either take your free download or gamble it to try to win a bigger prize like tickets to an X Factor show, cash or maybe just another pizza! I was feeling lucky and gambled but when the computer screen went to the judging panel to see if I'd won, I got two 'yes's and two 'no's, so I didn't win:-(

If you are an X Factor and pizza fan like me, you might like to give this pizza a try. It tates really good, you could possibly win prizes and it is cheaper than one from a takeaway shop! The Chicago Town X Factor pizza was £3.78 in my local ASDA.

The only problem with having a feast on the Saturday night is that I need to go for a run on the Sunday to work it off! I usually love a run but in recent weeks' I've got out of the habit so it'll take extra effort from me to get going again. Wish me luck!

The X Factor official website is

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