The Juggle Mum Tested by REAL Mums Panel- on bags

If there is something that a group of busy women know about - its handbags! Well, handbags and shoes in my case. So as every modern woman needs somewhere to stash her stuff, I got my 'mum friends' together to test four different organiser handbags!

Here are the results of our tried and tested....

Karen tested the VIP (Very Intelligent Pocket) available from Firebox
I (Nadine) tested the Knomo Rimini, available from
Vicki tested the Kipling bag from QVC
Carla tested the Mia Tui bag from

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  1. A good selection of bags there and love the video review. It's a shame that the video didn't really show the features of the MiaTui bag off more. Having reviewed both the Amelie and the Grace in use, I know how great they are for organisation. Also a shame that the reviewer didn't really know about the product before commenting on a lack of colours and styles.

  2. Thanks for your comments TheBoyandMe.
    I agree the Mia Tui bags are great- I had a good look around it myself before passing to the reviewer! Carla who reviewed the bag hadn't seen the Mia Tui website which is why she didn't know about the other colours, but I hope I rectified that by attaching text to the video to show that there are different colours and styles!
    I'm glad you liked the video:-)


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