Review - the Black & Decker Orb-It

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Product Name: Orb-it by Black & Decker
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Price: RRP £49.99
Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Keep your world tidy with the Black & Decker Orb-it. Incredible power packed into the tightest space. The New Black & Decker Orb-It has revolutionised the design of the traditional Dustbuster. The design makes it the most stylish way you can clean your house. The suction nose and arm is kept within the unit and released with a button on the top. It is so compact that is sits easily in the palm of your hand.

Initial Thoughts: I loved how it looks. The Orb-it is a globe shaped ball - it looks just like a space age robot! My first thoughts were where to put it. I had to assess my home and see where it would be best suited. I tried the bedroom (I know it's gross but I do let my kids have a biscuit or toast in my bed for their supper before I put them in their own beds) so we often get crumbs in our sheets!

I also tried the Orb-it in the living room because despite me giving the kids plates if they have a snack, crumbs always end up on my carpet and sofa. Meals are eaten at the table and dining room mess tends to stay on the table so I wasn't too worried about positioning the Orb-it there. In my kitchen I use a cloth to wipe up mess or crumbs, so we ended up giving the Orb-it a home in our bedroom!

I Liked:
The 4.8 volt motor provides suction to suit small pick ups around the home. The dustbowl has a translucent door so you can see when it is getting too full and it couldn't be more simple to empty the bowl - just click the door open and empty out the contents. The unit also comes with a soft brush and crevice tool for intricate pick ups. It is an attractive looking design and doesn't look out of place on display in my home. You could be mistaken for thinking you are looking at an iPod docking station rather than a vacuum cleaner!

Here is the cat checking out Orb-it, she wasn't sure about it!

Whilst the cat was curious about this new 'ball' and she followed me round whilst I was cleaning, she was wary of it when I rolled it toward her!!

I wasn't Keen: I had to knock half a point off my star rating because after just one use, the Orb-it had become scratched on its side. When I test something out, I really throw myself into it and give it a vigorous test, so I did get on the floor and use the Orb-it to gather the under-bed dust and under my sideboard unit which is high enough off the floor to need cleaning but too low for my regular upright vacuum to reach underneath, so the Orb-it was great for this. However I think that this is where it picked up the surface scratches,and I was a little disappointed that the 'newness' is now gone.

Overall: The Orb-it is a really handy little vac and because it adds a bit of interest to an otherwise tedious job, I was able to encourage the kids to use it to clean up their mess which is always a bonus! The blue LED light shows you that the unit is charging so it is always ready to go when you need it. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for someone who is houseproud or just loves to be crumb free!

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  1. Does it work when you try to remove animal hair from furniture? In my case it would be cat hair :O

  2. I have two cats and it picks up their furballs! But our furniture is leather so we don't need to use it on that! Sorry, I can't give you more info!


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