At Home Column - Getting Fruity!

As I write, I’m enjoying the baking smell that is coming from the kitchen – I’ve got an apple pie in the oven! Last Sunday we had a pork dinner with homemade apple sauce, and I also bought a juicer recently in which I made some apple juice to drink – but I still have two large bowls of apples picked from our tree to do something with, and I’m running out of ideas!

The tree in our back garden yields a massive amount of apples each year. In August and September we get ready to pick what we can manage and what we can’t ends up going rotten in the floor. It’s such a waste, but until now, I haven’t had the time nor the inclination to deal with them. However I think getting older broadens your interest in other activities like gardening and particularly the current economic climate has piqued my desire to reduce food bills and become more self-sufficient, so I’ve started to pay attention to food and look at what else I can grow.

My nanna used to grow her own vegetables, and so when I mentioned that I’m planning a vegetable patch, she gave me some tips on what is easy to grow and even bought me a couple of ‘how to’ books. It is quite a large undertaking for me to get my head round- growing my own food, and can be quite overwhelming, but one of the books helped grow my confidence with the catch-line, “If peasant people can do it - so can you!”

I’ve learned the best times of year to plant seed, and my onions will start the planting process in January next year so until then I’m busy planning the patch I will have, clearing the ground where I will plant and getting my bricklayer husband to build some beds. The big question is can this office dwelling, Shellac manicured Jugglista make food worth eating? Only time will tell…

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