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Product Name: Replacement Trampoline Pads
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The deluxe safety pads are an 8ft Diameter with 30mm Thick Closed Cell Padding and UV Rays Resistant Material. Over time trampoline pads can become thin and waterlogged, especially those which are included with cheaper trampolines. Pads which are not designed to be left outside can also become mouldy and start degrading which is why many trampoline owners find themselves on the hunt for new trampoline pads.
Etoys Zone has created a selection that includes the fantastic Skyhigh brand trampoline pads. Available in a variety of sizes, the pads are 25mm thick and coated in soft touch waterproof deluxe fabric which not only looks great, but is very durable and can be left outside all year round. The inner material is shock absorbing, closed cell foam which not only provides a soft landing but will stay inflated. Overall, these pads are great quality and due to their universal design, they will fit any trampoline.

Initial Thoughts: Our old trampoline safety pads had been in place since we bought the trampoline 7 years ago and they were looking a bit sorry to say the least! The combination of wear and tear plus being outside in the elements for 7 winters had taken its toll and the fabric of it was weather worn and thin. So it was an absolute joy to unpack the new pads. They were a lovely thick consistency, so I know that if one of my children falls on the pads, they will be cushioned. The pads arrived in a tall, thin box, and I really liked how they were packed with an extra strip of cardboard in front of where the box closes, so when you tear open the sticky tape with scissors as I do to get into the box, the pads were safe from being slashed! This doesn't sound like much of a big deal but we bought a new trampoline safety net several weeks ago and when we sliced open the tape on the package, we almost sliced open some of the netting too as the net was not packed in a bag or with any extra cardboard around it to keep it intact when opening, so I appreciated this small but important factor.

I Liked: It sounds funny to say but I liked the smell of the pads! They were like a new car smell, but of course you don't buy trampoline pads for their smell! They were also very thick which meant that I was happy with the quality and also with the cushion factor for when my children's bums end up bouncing on them! I also liked how easy E Toys Zone had made it to decide which pads to buy. There is advice for measuring your trampoline to ensure you get the right size on their website – and also advice for fitting the pads too - although it’s pretty easy to work out how to do it from the little diagram you get on a piece of paper that comes with the pads!

I wasn't Keen: Although the pads were easy to fit to the trampoline, it was quite tricky to get the fabric straps connected to the elastic loops on the underside of the pad and then thread this round the metal trampoline frame to secure. I got there in the end and it probably only took about 20 minutes to secure 6 straps to the frame, but I found it quite fiddly and needed to use a pencil to help push the fastening toggle through the loop to secure it - I wasn't strong enough with just my fingers! However this is a minor comment, as the pads secure fastenings need to be tight to do their job in protecting the kids from the trampoline springs, if it was easy to fasten, the pads would be less secure and once fitted, the pads looked great!

Overall: I feel like we have a brand new trampoline because these new safety pads plus the net enclosure we purchased recently really update the look and feel of this apparatus and give the trampoline a facelift. Our trampoline really is one of our most used and loved toys in the garden – the kids are out on it all year round, so it’s worth investing in updating your trampoline accessories if you have had it for a few years. My kids feel like they have a new toy and I’m happy that the trampoline is back to its new state – so that I can be confident of their safety on it.

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  1. Those safety pads are great, I bought one of those last summer.


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