A Crisp for Foodies!

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One hour. That is how long 4 bags lasted - and I'm not even kidding!!

The postman came at 10.45am delivering a box containing five packets of crisps- a new Walkers variety, and by 11.45am four packets had been eaten!

Well I had to have one, for research purposes you understand, so I kicked off with the 'Oven Roasted Onion & Rosemary'. They were absolutely gorgeous! So as it was almost lunchtime and I was starving, I helped myself to another. The first pack was 'elevenses' and my next pack was 'lunch' - okay?! But it's not as bad as it sounds because the packs have 30% less fat! (Yay!)

I tried the Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper, and again- absolutely loved it! The texture of the crisps is 'grainy' not smooth (like Quavers for example) so they feel like a more substantial snack than some crisps which don't fill a hole at all when you've eaten them! They are a large square in size and have a 'corrugated' appearance, and they do taste like what the pack says.

It's about time there was a crisp snack out there for people who love food, because the usual flavours like 'Cheese and Onion' and 'Salt and Vinegar' get boring after a while. I think these crisps would appeal to foodies as they have things like 'cracked black pepper' and 'sun ripened sweet chilli' in them, which sounds a lot more enticing than 'Ready Salted'. Plus the packaging shows pictures of a bowl of fresh sour cream and a mortar and pestle for the 'Lightly Sea Salted' flavour. They are attractive packets that I'd be proud to push around in my shopping trolley.

My daughter had the 'Lightly Sea Salted' and 'Cheddar with Caramelised Onion' bags and she loved them like I did. She is 8 and will leave me in no doubt as to whether she likes something or not, and the two empty bags were all the evidence I needed. I asked if she would eat them if I bought them again from the supermarket, and the answer I got was "Definitely".

We still have the 'Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli' pack to eat but I'm saving that one for my husband, it seems unfair that whilst he's out working in the rain, we're having all the fun at home with our Sunbites! You can see our emplty packs next to the mailing carton above!

You can learn more about Walkers Sunbites at http://www.sunbites.co.uk/. They are Wholegrain crispy snacks and are out now!

Here's a link to their Facebook page where you can get a free bag for yourself!

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