Review: Trampoline Safety Pads

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Replacement Trampoline Pads
Buy Online Here:
Price: £37.80
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: RRP: £59.99- Now£37.80
The deluxe safety pads are an 8ft Diameter with 30mm Thick Closed Cell Padding and UV Rays Resistant Material. Over time trampoline pads can become thin and waterlogged, especially those which are included with cheaper trampolines. Pads which are not designed to be left outside can also become mouldy and start degrading which is why many trampoline owners find themselves on the hunt for new trampoline pads.
Etoys Zone has created a selection that includes the fantastic Skyhigh brand trampoline pads. Available in a variety of sizes, the pads are 25mm thick and coated in soft touch waterproof deluxe fabric which not only looks great, but is very durable and can be left outside all year round. The inner material is shock absorbing, closed cell foam which not only provides a soft landing but will stay inflated. Overall, these pads are great quality and due to their universal design, they will fit any trampoline.

Initial Thoughts: Our old trampoline safety pads had been in place since we bought the trampoline 7 years ago and they were looking a bit sorry to say the least! The combination of wear and tear plus being outside in the elements for 7 winters had taken its toll and the fabric of it was weather worn and thin. So it was an absolute joy to unpack the new pads. They were a lovely thick consistency, so I know that if one of my children falls on the pads, they will be cushioned. The pads arrived in a tall, thin box, and I really liked how they were packed with an extra strip of cardboard in front of where the box closes, so when you tear open the sticky tape with scissors as I do to get into the box, the pads were safe from being slashed! This doesn't sound like much of a big deal but we bought a new trampoline safety net several weeks ago and when we sliced open the tape on the package, we almost sliced open some of the netting too as the net was not packed in a bag or with any extra cardboard around it to keep it intact when opening, so I appreciated this small but important factor.

I Liked: It sounds funny to say but I liked the smell of the pads! They were like a new car smell, but of course you don't buy trampoline pads for their smell! They were also very thick which meant that I was happy with the quality and also with the cushion factor for when my children's bums end up bouncing on them! I also liked how easy E Toys Zone had made it to decide which pads to buy. There is advice for measuring your trampoline to ensure you get the right size on their website – and also advice for fitting the pads too - although it’s pretty easy to work out how to do it from the little diagram you get on a piece of paper that comes with the pads!

I wasn't Keen: Although the pads were easy to fit to the trampoline, it was quite tricky to get the fabric straps connected to the elastic loops on the underside of the pad and then thread this round the metal trampoline frame to secure. I got there in the end and it probably only took about 20 minutes to secure 6 straps to the frame, but I found it quite fiddly and needed to use a pencil to help push the fastening toggle through the loop to secure it - I wasn't strong enough with just my fingers! However this is a minor comment, as the pads secure fastenings need to be tight to do their job in protecting the kids from the trampoline springs, if it was easy to fasten, the pads would be less secure and once fitted, the pads looked great!

Overall: I feel like we have a brand new trampoline because these new safety pads plus the net enclosure we purchased recently really update the look and feel of this apparatus and give the trampoline a facelift. Our trampoline really is one of our most used and loved toys in the garden – the kids are out on it all year round, so it’s worth investing in updating your trampoline accessories if you have had it for a few years. My kids feel like they have a new toy and I’m happy that the trampoline is back to its new state – so that I can be confident of their safety on it.

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One mojo. One careful owner. Usually sunny disposition. Last seen two weeks ago.
If found, please handle with care and return to Juggle Mum.

I know exactly what it is - you see this is an adjustment period. The youngest of my two children started full time school two weeks ago so I no longer have that sense of urgency that hovering over my head. The one that makes me run my life like a military operation - I must get to where-ever by x time so I can leave by x time, which gives me enough time to arrive at nursery for the lunchtime pick up. Now there is no lunchtime pick up - I have all day.

The whole day with nothing but my own stuff to do, not running round after someone else. I remember thinking wistfully about this when I was dashing from A to B, having to think of everything in advance, so I'd always be prepared. I never forgot to pack a handheld games console to amuse my son or a pack of wet wipes. I'd never be caught short without a spare pair of clothes in the car in case the ones he was wearing became wet. I remember juggling work phone calls with emails about the blog whilst looking over proposals and recording a new vlog for BritMums, all whilst caring for my son, attending to his needs and just enjoying being with him. But at the same time, thinking of all the 'stuff' on my list that I needed to sort out. I mentally filed it away 'to do in September when I have all day'.

Well we are in September and I do have all day, but can I summon up the motivation to do all this stuff? No.

I managed to sort my recipes into an ordered folder with sections for 'soup', 'one pot cooking' and 'slow cooking'. I also managed to clear out some of my emails which I'd been allowing to back up since the start of the school holidays in July. I'm normally so organised but when it got to July it was like a switch turned in my head and I could finally start to relax a little - to let go of my schedule just a bit, because I knew that in September I'd have 'all day' to get this stuff done. I could afford to loosen my pants a bit (metaphorically speaking) but now I feel like I've stood up too fast and my pants have fallen down! And the truth is I can't be bothered to pick them up!

I know myself too well. Before long the drive, the mojo and all the energy will come back. I'm confident about that, it has gone AWOL before and come back so I know it will again. You can't deny your true self for long - it finds a way to rear its head. The trick is to accept it - accept you - exactly the way you are, because you are fab. I know that soon, I will find the motivation from inside to get on with my more serious 'To Do' pile, instead of all the non essential recipe sorting that I have been doing. I only did it so I could kid myself that I was tackling my list when in actual fact I was procrastinating, and doing the 'nice to do' stuff. I even cleaned the toilet!

I know that I will start writing my next book soon, I'll start getting out there again at business meetings, and I'll have a full diary once again. But for now, I'm kind of enjoying doing coffee mornings, taking time out to bake bread for the evening meal and catching up on my pre-recorded episodes of The Good Wife (which sounds a bit homey but is actually a bit of a courtroom drama).

I think my mojo might not be missing - just taking a rest.

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At Home Column - Aah! Ibiza!

This summer we went to Ibiza. It was the most eagerly anticipated holiday we’ve had for a long time. You know when you are on your day to day treadmill of work, house chores, running the kids from A to B doing the daily juggle, and you need a break? This was where we were before Ibiza and we were looking forward to 2 weeks in the sun to press that internal ‘reset’ button and have time to chill.

I’d decided in advance that nothing was going to stop me from totally relaxing, so before we went I did a mental run through of the day of travel, to check I’d got everything covered. I think mums are usually the keepers of passports and boarding cards in their handbags, I know I am! So I made sure my handbag was up to the challenge of holding everything, looking great and keeping all my documents and personal items organised and within easy reach. I used a Kipling bag which I got from QVC ( This bag was excellent as the quality of it is great which makes it hard wearing – the zippers are still in good working order despite the bag being stuffed to capacity several times on the trip, and you don’t find this with cheap bags. The two front pockets were big enough to keep my camera and video camera so I had them to hand if a photo opportunity presented itself. Plus the bag was hot pink- what’s not to like?!

Multi Tasking Mama
Within my ‘bag of tricks’ I kept a ‘Horrid Henry’ book for my 8 year old, and we took the Leapster Explorer for my 4 year old son. I also managed to stash all our travel documents in it, a book for me, my make up bag, my diary and two purses (one with Euros and one with Sterling). The bag was like a tardis- small from the outside but packs a load inside! The Leapster Explorer was new, so my son first played with it on the holiday, and it really kept him entertained so the boredom of waiting at the airport and the long journey didn’t bite. (From

Now we are in September, my son starts full time school, and the Leapster Explorer was perfect for him as you can set the level on it to be suitable for pre schoolers, Foundation Stage and Year One plus. My son is Foundation Stage so he got the games suitable for his level and he played educational games without realising it! I liked how the Leapster Explorer came with a ‘touch screen pen’ which helps his fine motor skills – holding it like a pencil which is great for school when he learns to write and form letters, as he will have already developed pen control. This games console came with a camera attachment so he could take photos on our holiday to record the fun, but it mainly did the job of keeping him amused on our travel days and sometimes at night before bed to wind down.

For me and my husband, our days were spent on the sun-lounger or in the pool with the kids. I managed to read 9 books over the fortnight which is the most I’ve read on a break since I’ve had children, but it probably helped that we weren’t out partying every night! We’d have dinner then go to the kids disco and then back to the room to get the kids to bed and we’d sit out on the balcony so I got plenty of reading done then!

Long Summer Nights
When you are holidaying with young kids, even though they will be staying up past their usual bedtime, you will still be getting them to bed before you are ready to go yourself, so little touches like the Bottle Bouquet can help to make your evening suitably ‘adult like’ whilst you are in the room with sleeping kids! I took a Bottle Bouquet with me (from and you slip it over the neck of a wine bottle and it holds 6 stemmed glasses, so you can have a grown up drink on the balcony with your book. As we were all inclusive, our alcoholic drinks from the bar came in disposable plastic cups, so it was nice to get a bottle of wine from the supermarket and use the glasses in our room with the Bottle Bouquet to create a grown up atmosphere! As it is flat it is easy to pack, and it is especially useful for parties at home when you are trying to carry loads of glasses to your guests without dropping them! But I’m glad I had it on the holiday, we felt like we were out drinking and dating every night in our own private bar looking out at the ocean. It was a beautiful view and our neighbours were nice so we shared some evenings with them on the balcony too!

All I’d wanted from Ibiza was to relax, get a light tan, have time to read, eat what I wanted and enjoy some fun days with the kids and I got all of this. Our last few breaks have been more ‘action packed’ so it was lovely to have a beach holiday where we did nothing all day long. Even the most skilled Jugglista needs to down tools every now and then and do exactly nothing!

I write a fortnightly column for At Home - the Premier UK celebrity and lifestyle magazine, and this one appeared on their site a month ago. Do visit At Home and leave me a comment on the post there so they get to see your opinions too!
About the Author
Nadine Hill is a busy working mum (“Is there any other kind?!”) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and has lots of practise through raising her two children, managing her small business, being a best-selling author, running her home, public speaking and finding time to get to the gym! Nadine’s ambition is to help busy mums claw back a bit of ‘me time’ so she shares her tips with at home in these fortnightly columns and her own life stories on her blog- Juggle Mum.
She also micro blogs on Twitter where she is @Businessmum. You can learn more about Nadine at

Review: Giant Snakes & Ladders Outdoor Game

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Giant Snakes & Ladders by Garden Games
Buy Online Here:
Price: £36.99
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb:
Big Game Hunters Giant Snakes and Ladders game takes the traditional game of Snakes and Ladders to a totally new dimension. Giant Snakes and Ladders puts you in the heart of the game, where you move up the ladders and down the snakes after rolling the dice. We've also added some new Snakes and Ladders features for extra fun! The Giant Snakes and Ladders set contains a giant playing mat 3m square (10ft square), 8 pegs and a giant snakes and ladders inflatable dice.

Initial Thoughts: The kids were so excited when this box arrived that they ripped open the box. This was great for them (excitement at getting a new toy) but not so for me as I wanted to store the game back into the box after use so I had to sellotape it back together. The game rules and instructions are on the box too, so it's worth keeping hold of. So we removed the playing mat and dice along with the pegs.

The mat was actually bigger than I expected which meant that this game would be a real 'feature' at an outdoor garden party when kids are coming round. My two couldn't wait to get on the squares to start their game but somehow hubby and I managed to start a game first- nostalgia took over! It's been years since we played this game, and we'd forgotten how much fun it could be!

I Liked: The mat was really thick - great quality, like what you'd expect on the floor of a tent. Having pegs to pin it in place is a great feature for windy days, but we didn't need to use them as the mat was so heavy on its own. It seemed really hard-wearing and I liked how the inflatable dice was so light- it stirred up more fun when it looked like the dice would land on a certain number then it ticked over onto another number! Shreiks and groans all round as our competitive streaks came out and I liked the extra squares that were on the board saying 'stand on one leg or go backwards next turn' which added extra fun to the game.

I wasn't Keen: What's not to like? It's a game that has stood the test of time for generations, brought into the 21st century by taking it outdoors and maxing up the size!

Overall: This is a great game for family fun and would make an enjoyable addition to a kids garden party, to offer as an alternative to the trampoline!

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The Day I went to BBC Radio Leeds!

I got a phone call this week inviting me to speak on BBC Radio Leeds about being a busy mum, juggling it all! It was prompted by the release of the new film with Sarah Jessica Parker called "I Don't Know How She Does It" - I blogged about this recently, here is the post.

So I thought it would be fun to blog about the event, this is my video:

The longer video that contained the whole interview was too large to upload to Blogger (it would have taken 3 days to upload!!) so unfortunately I had to scale back! I like the phrase 'Go big or go home' but in this case, we had to go small! I hope you like it anyway!

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I Don't Know How We Do It!

This weekend a new movie comes out called 'I Don't Know How She Does It' starring Sarah Jessica Parker, and as it's my birthday at the weekend, I'm off to see it! I'm sure I'll recognise myself in the main character- juggling all the balls, the kids, the work, the home, relationship with husband, but from what I've seen of the trailers, I definitely don't stay awake at night making lists - I'm passed out as soon as my head hits the pillow! (BTW- did you see the music video I made with the kids about being 'passed out', It's pretty awesome!) Oh, and the trailer for the SJP movie is here.

So that is at the end of this week - but at the beginning of this week my boy started full time school. Last week was 'easing in gradually', each day getting longer and this week it is full on until 3.15pm. Which means that for the first time in 8 years, I have my days uninterrupted and can actually work without having to break off to make someone a sandwich or I can go to a meeting without having to dash off afterwards, arriving at nursery for the lunchtime collection by the skin of my teeth!

It made me think about mums who either stay at home to be with the kids in their early years, or mums who work from home (doing exactly the same as SAHMs but with work on top too!) When 'mum' wants to look for work again, it can be hard to know what to put on your CV to account for those years, so here is what I've come up with!

(Date) to present:

Managed schedules and logistics for family of four; balanced priorities to create and execute budget; motivated, coached and counselled children; taught and modelled ethics; designed and implemented creative projects with my small team; managed the flow of information to that team; worked with teachers to closely monitor academic performance; skill development of subordinates within my small team, planned, organised and supervised extracurricular school activities; purchased clothing, food and supplies within a tight budget; prepared and served multitude of nutritious meals for four and more on occasion; coordinated medical care and general health maintenance for all family members; established clear requirements and disciplined children when necessary; drove children to schools, gymnastics, dance class and more ensuring the importance of being on time is understood by the team; negotiated with suppliers; paid invoices; reconciled accounts; arranged for home and vehicle maintenance and repairs; maintained clean home and clothes for family; provided lots of hugs, kisses and encouragement.

What would you add to this list? ...and aren't you amazed about the amount we get done!

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The BritMums Awards- Are You a Busy Mum?

Finally! An awards to celebrate us mums - and I'm championing the busy mums category!

This video introduces the awards for busy mums- the ones who have all the balls in the air.

If you can spare a moment in your busy life, check it out - you busy mum you!
(Video is at the bottom of the screen - not sure why, I'm blaming Blogger! Just scroll down, you'll see it)

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At Home Column- The Busy Mums Festival Survival Kit!

If ‘festival season’ brings to mind 20 year olds in denim hotpants, Wellington boots, portaloos and flower garlands in your hair, you’d be right! But having just ‘done’ my first festival at the ripe age of 36, I can honestly say it was the most fun I’ve had in ages and I think- even better that I’ve done it with my kids!

We went to Camp Bestival last weekend in Dorset, which is a very family oriented festival – equally great for the kids as for the parents. ‘They’ got to see the Zingzillas, Mr Tumble, Peppa Pig and Dick & Dom whilst the adults could rock out to Blondie, Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran, Katy B and Primal Scream to name a few.

I was pre-warned by my more laid back husband that the kids’ routines would have to go out of the window- I couldn’t worry about whether they were put to bed ‘on time’ or what time we ate lunch, but as it happened because I had done loads of pre planning, once we actually got there, I became the essence of laid back and was amused to see that on the two occasions that tempers flared over the weekend, he had one of the tantrums and the children had the other! I know for a fact that they thought ‘Mrs Routine and Order’ would blow, but I was so organised that every potential event that could cause a ruckus had been planned and catered for, so I’ve put together this essential ‘festival survival kit’ for busy mums so that you too can also enjoy a cold beer on the lawn on a hot day, listening to live music and chilling out!

The main thing to note is that the moods most likely to originate an outrage, are tiredness, hunger and a lack of cleanliness so I prepared for these before I went. I knew that my 8 year old daughter would be the first to complain about having to walk long distances over a field to get to the various shows (unlike her 3 year old brother who you’d expect to have the least stamina but is content walking) so after seeing on the festival forums that it is useful to have a wagon to pull kids around in, we found a fantastic retro Radio Flyer wagon on a second hand website, and bought it last year in preparation. This was the single most used item in our arsenal over the weekend. Not only did we use it to bring the tent and camping equipment from the car to the pitch, but we pulled the kids round in it all weekend and it made a useful seat for us at the main stage when we didn’t want to sit in the floor! The size of it was also great for ‘marking our territory’ which sounds a but un-festival like, but when the fields get really busy as they did over the weekend (there were 30,000 festival goers at this event), you need to create some space of your own on the grass or else you’ll end up with none at all!

Even though normal ‘bedtimes’ are ditched at a festival, young children still get tired- despite trying to fight it so they can stay up late! However the music plays into the early hours and so it can be hard work trying to get kids settled and calm for bed with the noise. I took some Peltor Ear Defenders with me (£13.99 from ) which cut out the noise for them enough to get to sleep on a night, but were also used a lot in the day when we were near the front of the stage and the noise level was at its highest. We saw so many kids wearing them and should definitely be considered a ‘must have’ when going to festivals with children.

To combat the hunger tantrums I did a supermarket shop before the festival where I bought food that wouldn’t perish easily such as tortillas to make wraps with tins of tuna which I could take into the festival each day to have to hand when the kids got hungry. I found a great little invention called the Wrap N Mat (from It is so simple but effective that you wonder why no-one has thought of this before but it is a gingham checked cloth pouch that is lined with a wipe clean inner, so you pack your sandwich into it rather than using clingfilm, and at lunchtime it folds out into a handy placemat on which to eat! I used a red one for my daughter and a blue for my son so I knew which one contained the right sandwich and doing this meant I spent less on food purchased from the festival which was sold as you’d expect- at ‘festival prices’!

My Jugglista tendencies were in full swing now so I looked at the cleanliness factor! I’d heard that wet wipes are essential for keeping clean when you can’t get a shower, and although I usually managed to be up early enough to beat the long shower queue, I did use 2 packets of wipes over the weekend. But it is easy to forget antibacterial hand gel, and I’d advise any busy mum to pack this! They do have dispensers with gel outside the portaloos, but these run out fairly frequently and I didn’t really like the smell of the gel. I used a Cuticura hand gel which smelled of cucumber and was nice and fresh. You can pick one up for around £1 at chemists and it will last all weekend. It’s also wise to pack a loo roll for the end of the weekend when the toilet paper provided starts to run out!

For the kids, I got a Morrck Splasha which is like a hooded poncho with arms and was a cool item that multi tasked! It could be worn as a bathrobe by night when the temperature dropped, but it also doubled as a towel for the kids, so it meant less packing for me! The children looked so cute in theirs, my son’s blue stripy one reminded me of one of the ‘three wise men’ from the nativity, so it will also come in handy in December if he gets cast in he school production! This item was so versatile that I’m also taking it with me on our holiday to the sun later in the year as it will be easy for by the pool. It costs £19.95 from and I only wish I could get an adult sized one for me!

Fortunately the weather stayed dry most of the time except for one small shower but it wasn’t the mud-bath I was dreading. I’d packed waterproof ponchos for everyone and got a nifty BeachBuoy waterproof case ( for valuables in anticipation of rain, but it wasn’t the weather that made this case useful. We put my husband’s iPhone into it to keep it dry and one night as I was trying to get off the airbed mattress to get to the loo and I tripped up, spilling my mug of tea all over the tent floor. I’m so relived that we did have the phone protected as it didn’t get wet at all. This case was worth the £14.95 just for that, but we did have to wear tea stained jumpers on the last day!

For the weekend we borrowed my mums’ larger car as it has so much more boot space than our car but we still packed into every inch, and couldn’t see out of the back window! My hubby’s wardrobe usually takes up quite a lot of space as he tends to overpack whereas I choose one outfit per day for me and the kids (with a couple of extra trousers for my son in case of an ‘accident’) but I managed to convince him to ditch his bulky trainers in favour of some new Dude lightweight shoes which were so light and thin that we easily freed up some space in the car by taking those. These shoes are so light that if you were going on a plane you could get 80 pairs in your luggage although I’m not sure you’d need that many shoes on holiday! He looked really on trend in the shoes – see stockists at

It was about a six hour drive for us to get to Camp Bestival so in the car we took the portable DVD player to keep the kids entertained but after one movie they both get bored so I whipped out some old fashioned fun! In a cute version of ‘I Spy’, the “I Can Spot” Flip Books ( proved to be an easy way to keep the kids happy as they looked out of the car for ‘a motorway sign’ or ‘someone in uniform’ and they also played with them at the festival where they spotted ‘a kid eating an ice cream’ or ‘a stripy jumper’. The books were only £3.50 each – actually cheaper than a kids magazine from a service station, but you’ll need to buy in advance online.

The only thing I didn’t have and wished I did at the festival was a portable mobile phone charger. We all ran out of battery life during the weekend and to re-charge at the event cost £4 per hour, so this will make it into my kit for next time. However as far as the daily juggle goes, if you take everything I’ve suggested, anything else you need can be bought there and all there is left to do is have an awesome time!

I write a fortnightly column for At Home - the Premier UK celebrity and lifestyle magazine, and this one appeared on their site a month ago. Do visit At Home and leave me a comment on the post there so they get to see your opinions too!
About the Author
Nadine Hill is a busy working mum (“Is there any other kind?!”) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and has lots of practise through raising her two children, managing her small business, being a best-selling author, running her home, public speaking and finding time to get to the gym! Nadine’s ambition is to help busy mums claw back a bit of ‘me time’ so she shares her tips with at home in these fortnightly columns and her own life stories on her blog- Juggle Mum.
She also micro blogs on Twitter where she is @Businessmum. You can learn more about Nadine at

A Crisp for Foodies!

Sponsored Post.

One hour. That is how long 4 bags lasted - and I'm not even kidding!!

The postman came at 10.45am delivering a box containing five packets of crisps- a new Walkers variety, and by 11.45am four packets had been eaten!

Well I had to have one, for research purposes you understand, so I kicked off with the 'Oven Roasted Onion & Rosemary'. They were absolutely gorgeous! So as it was almost lunchtime and I was starving, I helped myself to another. The first pack was 'elevenses' and my next pack was 'lunch' - okay?! But it's not as bad as it sounds because the packs have 30% less fat! (Yay!)

I tried the Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper, and again- absolutely loved it! The texture of the crisps is 'grainy' not smooth (like Quavers for example) so they feel like a more substantial snack than some crisps which don't fill a hole at all when you've eaten them! They are a large square in size and have a 'corrugated' appearance, and they do taste like what the pack says.

It's about time there was a crisp snack out there for people who love food, because the usual flavours like 'Cheese and Onion' and 'Salt and Vinegar' get boring after a while. I think these crisps would appeal to foodies as they have things like 'cracked black pepper' and 'sun ripened sweet chilli' in them, which sounds a lot more enticing than 'Ready Salted'. Plus the packaging shows pictures of a bowl of fresh sour cream and a mortar and pestle for the 'Lightly Sea Salted' flavour. They are attractive packets that I'd be proud to push around in my shopping trolley.

My daughter had the 'Lightly Sea Salted' and 'Cheddar with Caramelised Onion' bags and she loved them like I did. She is 8 and will leave me in no doubt as to whether she likes something or not, and the two empty bags were all the evidence I needed. I asked if she would eat them if I bought them again from the supermarket, and the answer I got was "Definitely".

We still have the 'Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli' pack to eat but I'm saving that one for my husband, it seems unfair that whilst he's out working in the rain, we're having all the fun at home with our Sunbites! You can see our emplty packs next to the mailing carton above!

You can learn more about Walkers Sunbites at They are Wholegrain crispy snacks and are out now!

Here's a link to their Facebook page where you can get a free bag for yourself!

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My 'Back to School' Shopping Strategy!

Nowadays I have the back to school shopping sorted. There is a strategy in place and everything! But 4 years ago when my eldest started school it was a different story. Here is the tale and my best tips for getting organised with school uniform buying!
(for this video blog, scroll down to the bottom of my blog- the video is hidden there! Don't ask- it's a Blogger thing!)

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