To Reveal - or Not To Reveal...

Sometimes the hardest thing about blogging is knowing what to write. I don't mean running out of things to say, but mostly that there is too much to say - it's tricky to find a place to start!

I will often go through the day and something will happen and I think what a great blog post it would make but then I have to really decide whether I want to share that story with the world or not, and decide what to keep private. My husband made me laugh today- he said something in a funny way and it would have made an entertaining story for the blog but then I don't want to share my marriage with anyone who happens to click on my website, some things are for just between two people.

My theory is that I only type up stories that I wouldn't mind if someone overheard me telling a friend. I don't mind sharing some of my thoughts with you when I'm working out how I feel about something - and to be honest, some of the best blog posts I've read are when the author has bared their soul a little, and written out what is going on in their head. I feel I 'know' them a bit better for having read about their day or what their dilemma is, but I won't share certain private things that give too much of us away. Close relationships are there to be protected and nurtured.

What's your blogging philosophy? To reveal or not to reveal? Drop me a comment below.

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  1. If I am going to write about somebody in my life, I usually tell them first. Even though I would love my blog to be this anonymous ranting place, I know I'd regret it if I posted some things in the heat of the moment. Those are things you can't take back. So I am usually cautious about revealing.

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Thanks for your comment! I know what you mean- it would be great to rant but then it's easy to forget that when it's 'out there' on the internet, it's never lost! It's safer to rant out loud but in private isn't it?!


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