A Review in the Life of a Blogger

As a blogger I often get asked to review products and talk about them on my blog and recently I've had a couple of interesting ones!

A company called Kidz 5 a Day wanted me to try their chocolate flavored organic superfood that gives kids all their 5 a day in a chocoganic shake! (their words!) I haven't done many food reviews on my blog, but this particular one inspired me as I have a son who loves chocolate but won't go near fruit or veg so I do worry that he isn't getting all the nutrients he should (although he's a robust little thing and has plenty of energy!) I have tried to disguise veg in his food or tell him that Buzz Lightyear eats fruit but nothing works! I wanted to try the shake on him to see if I could get his 5 a day into him -and actually have him enjoy it! My daughter is a brilliant healthy eater but I still wanted to try it on her as a tester- I reckon if she doesn't like it then it really is wrank and I'll have no chance wth my son!

The other product I was sent was a body lotion from Jergens. I always need lotion for my gym bag as I get really dry legs, and I've used all kinds in the past. Some creams like Nivea have been hard to rub in and absorb, whereas others like an Yves Rocher one I used recently gave me a tingly feeling on my legs which was a bit odd. It was a cellulite cream that my mother had given me (cheers mum!) but still an unexpected sensation!

This one was light and easily absorbed and has a lovely fresh cucumber smell. I've never tried a Jergens product before but I'd definitely buy this in the shops. The tube I have is now safely in my gym kit for after my next spinning class when my tired legs will need some refreshing!

...and as for the Kidz 5 A Day shake? The kids weren't keen to be honest. I was quite disappointed about that as I like what it promises, but if they won't drink it then it's a no-go. The website says that it contains wheatgrass and I know myself that this is a taste that you have to get used to first, so I will keep trying to get them to use it but first impressions weren't good. On a better note, I drank it myself and it tasted fine but kids will be kids!

If you want to try the Kidz 5 a Day yourself, you can get a free sample at this link (just pay £4.95 P&P)


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  1. Do not use - seems to be a scam company:

  2. Thank you Anonymous for sharing this link. I've had a look at the forum and it seems that some people have been charged money after having cancelled their order for Kidz 5 a Day.
    All I can say is be careful when you purchase anything online- from any company. I was sent a sample of Kidz 5 A Day and didn't have to pay for it, so I cannot report on my experience of how the company handles orders. I reported on the product but as I say in the review above, my kids weren't keen and we ended up giving the tub of powder away to a friend as we weren't going to use it.
    Nadine, Juggle Mum.


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