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Product Name: Photo Book by Bonusprint
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Price: £19.99
Star Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

The blurb:
"Design your own photo books; new range and more intuitive software, easy to use features, best customer care and 100% satisfaction". I went for the Square Photobook – size L worth £19.99 which has a minimum of 24 pages and comes in a 21 x 21 cm size.

From the website, you can either download the software to make your book or do it online. I went for the online version as I didn't want to download software to my pc but it did appear slow to load. Maybe if you do the download things go a bit quicker?

Initial Thoughts: My thoughts of the actual book are that it is a very good quality on nice thick paper. I think that anyone would be thrilled to get this as a present, and it would make an especially nice present for the bride to have a book containing all her wild hen night photos! I chose to do a book containing mainly family photos of the kids and it makes a nice momento.
You do have options to go for 'add ons' like 'extra glossy paper' which costs a further £4.80, and to have a name on the front cover costs a bit more, but I didn't ask for any extras and the book I did get is lovely as it is.
However my thoughts on the process you need to go through to actually get the book are outlined below and unfortunately they aren't as positive which is why I could only score this product half marks.

What I Liked: When I tried to upload a photo that was a bit blurry, it asked me 'am I sure?' as it might reduce the quality of the book. This was good- checking in. I was bulk uploading pictures so I'd missed the blurred one and I was able to decide that I didn't want the inferior quality picture to be part of my book. I also liked that I could choose what order the pictures were displayed in and what colour the page around the picture should be! This meant that you could tell a story if you liked- rather than the book just being a collection of photos. I did a few pages where the pictures displayed were actually taken in sequence so I can see how the day turned out, in a photographic way! But you don't have to order the pictures yourself. If you are happy to have a collection of photographs then the software will put the pictures into the book for you to save time.

I wasn't Keen: Whilst I was creating the book the Adobe Flash Plugin crashed and I had to send a crash report. Then I 'autofilled' my book to try to save time, but I didn't have enough pictures to fill the book so I went to go back and add more but then I couldn't save what I'd done to that point, so I had to upload all the pictures again which took another half an hour out of my life. I didn't realise at first that I had not chosen enough photos to go into the book so this process turned out to be a bit of a hassle.

Once I'd got the book design completed, there was a delay in processing my order because the software was still uploading pictures to the BonusPrint server, in the background. It's good that the website will still allow you to carry on working whilst the background stuff is being done- like uploading the large photo files, but it did make me gasp a bit when I saw the progress message that informed me that two photos were still uploading. The estimated time to completion? 1193046 hours, 28 mins, 14 seconds! I'm not sure I have this much time left to live! Wowsers- I couldn't even compute that figure. But fortunately it didn't take that long- probably another 10 minutes or so to finish the uploads and then my book could be ordered.

Overall: The service crashed six times in total whilst I was tring to get a photo book. This includes one time when I ordered the book and the order process was 93% complete! I'd felt that I was almost at the finish line only to have to try my purchase again. It was frustrating. If I'd been a paying customer for this book and not getting a free review copy then I would have given up with the purchase at the first crash to be honest as it took too much time to deal with the Bonusprint website. The book itself - its great. The actual process you go through to get the book - its not. Bonusprint really need to see how this could be made easier and if it is third party software that causes this for example, then I think there should be a 'before you start' box on the site to tell you what the required version of Adobe or whatever the package is that you need, in order to get the best experience from this site.

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