A Fun and Sparkling Night!

We have a tradition in our house of a weekly family movie night. I go through the Sky menu at the start of a week to see what films are on during the week and record anything we haven't seen. I currently have Scooby Doo, Karate Kid and Bandslam lined up on the planner for when we are in the mood - all kid friendly and enough variety that we can watch what we are in the mood for on any day. It's great when you can be organised like this, because some great films are shown at odd times like 11am on a Tuesday morning - seriously, who watches movies at 11am on a Tuesday morning!! But I collect them all up for our Friday night when we can snuggle down on the sofa to watch.

Over the past few weeks we've had a bit of an animal theme- recent films have been Marley and Me, Hotel for Dogs and Hachi, but I think the kids are sick of fluffy dog films now so this week I think we will watch a bit of karate chopping and high kicking with Jaden Smith.

Our movie night last Friday was a bit different though, as Ben Shaws- the drinks company, sent me 4 crates of soft drink to enjoy at our movie night, because it is celebrating 140 years in business! Not only that- the kids wanted to play on the Wii and have friends over last week, so our movie night turned into a gaming and fizz night. The kids dug out some marshmellows that we had in the cupboard and we all rocked out to 'Just Dance 2'! Actually I didn't rock out- I tried to follow the moves on the screen but I'm much better freestyling it, so I supplied the cream soda and cloudy lemonade instead!

My favourite of the drinks was Dandelion and Burdock- I used to love this as a kid. We also got some Bitter Shandy which I remember having one year with my schoolfriend Victoria backstage at a school show. We ended up hiccuping then we saw that it said 'made with real beer' on the can! I'm not sure if they still do make it with real beer, or if I can just hold my drink better(!) but it brought back memories!!

If you want a bit of nostalgia, and a taste of that favourite cream soda, Ben Shaws are having birthday celebrations at the Eccleston County Fair from 16th to 17th July and also at the Southport Air Show from 23-24 July. Learn more at www.benshawsdrinks.co.uk

Having a weekly family movie night is a great way to keep strong bonds with the kids and ensure that ewveryone stays close. With our busy lives these days it's easy to lose traditions like eating round the table as a family or doing a regular activity together but our movie night is one tradition that is staying!

I also want to thank Ben Shaws for sending us the free sodas and the balloons and badges for your 140 year celebrations. I'm still kicking balloons out of the way in my living room where the kids have left them!!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Hi just popped into blogworld whilst sheltering from the heat of Cyprus (on holiday, yay!) and agree about movie nights which we love to do once a week with some tangy haribo and chocolates! Karate kid was brilliant - wasn't keen but wanted to see what Jaden was like having seen Willow singing live at Justin Bieber concert with my 11 year old. What a talented family those Smiths are!

  2. Thanks Diney!
    We are looking forward to seeing that film and I'm honoured that you took time out from your hols to comment!!
    Enjoy the beach and have a cocktail for me!!


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