Does My Blog Look Big in This?

These days, not only do we have to think about how our clothes look on us, how well turned out our children are and how smart our homes look, having an online presence means that we have to pay attention to how eye catching and interesting our blogs look too!

I've got some improvements planned for this blog and my other websites to start in September, as I will have more time to work on them once my kids are back at school, but planning these improvements has made me think - what do our blogs say about us?

I think my bright pink leopard print background with the 'bling' stars shows my fun, colourful side, but you may think it means I'm like Pat Butcher from EastEnders, or that I have a 'Big Fat Gypsy Blog'. I've decided to tone that down a bit going forward - it was my first bespoke blog design and I wanted to throw ALL my ideas at it! I think I have got it out of my system a bit now!

I've got some thoughts on what I will do but I wanted to throw this question out to the blogosphere- what do you like to see in a blog design? Is it simple clean lines or do you like a bit of jazzy, busy, flashing carnival style fun?! Drop me a comment below...

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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