Man-Made and Freestyle!

My kids have been an endless source of amusement this week- both in what they come out with and the way they do things!

My 3YO son made me howl with laughter after his sister asked me what 'man-made' was', having seen it on a plastic bottle so I explained. A few hours later he said to me "I am a man, and you are a maid!" Little monkey!

Then at the weekend my daughter and I did the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research. She did the 5K and I did my first 10K. She is 8 years old so she walked round with her Grandma and I'm so proud of her that she completed the whole 5K without moaning that she was tired! This is a big deal! But the thing I love most is that she walked, jogged and cartwheeled her way round! She has her own style and is not afraid to use it! I love the lovely young woman in training that she is becoming. She is a little star and I adore her ability to be herself. This is the most important job I have, to protect that ability so that she continues to be who she is and not stifle herself to fit in.

What have your kids done to make you smile this week?

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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