I Just Want Studs With Staying Power!

Don't get too excited- I'm talking about my earrings!

They never seem to last long. A back always falls out or I lose the stone at the front. I like the diamante look - I'd never trust myself with real diamonds, I'd be too scared of losing them, so I get those cheapies from woman's fashion shops, but sooner or later, I lose one and I'm left with a box full of odds and ends.

Can someone manufacture some diamond look stud ear-rings that DO NOT FALL OUT! I have an active lifestyle and will swim in them, go running, do Zumba, sleep, and generally walk around- does anyone know of any studs with real staying power? Message me below!

Here is a post I wrote last year about companies who market to busy mums!
Us busy women need solutions. So now I've turned this post over to the universe, I can't wait to see what comes back. I hope I get informed about nice jewellery stores but I'm a little worried about how some might interpret the blog title- those people who don't actually read the blogs just skim keywords then send in spam. So make my day- find me some studs with staying power!

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x

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