Being A Woman in Business and the Business of Being A Mum!

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a female supporter I am! I think that women are multi talented, strong, capable and worth a lot more than sometimes they think they are. It breaks my heart to hear a woman pull herself down- or worse, pull another woman down. We are so omnipresent, yet discreetly in the background - the newest P&G advert shows it beautifully, you can see it here.

So I was delighted to receive two new books written by women, for and about women. One is a business guide for women who want to start their own business to make their dreams a reality, and the other is a guide for parents to help protect our daughters and nurture them into being the strong, confident young women they were born to be.

Business in Red Shoes written by Rebecca Jones is a guide for women who want to start their own business. You can read my review of the book here where I've posted to Amazon. I particularly liked the books title as I have been known to wear a nice patent red heeled shoe when I'm out at business networking events, promoting my business! Its become something of a trade mark, and it started because the girl in my business logo is 'red'! Here is my logo:

...Yes I know my girl wears black shoes but her skirt is red!! I also have a red skirt with a poodle on it, just like the girl in the logo but I rarely wear it anymore!! If you look at my blog header image, that is me juggling my work, kids and cats and I'm wearing my logo'ed shirt!

The other book is called 'Where Has My Little Girl Gone?' and is written by Tanith Carey. This book was absolutely excellent and I would highly recommend it to parents of young daughters. With my girl being 8 years old, I feel I've read this book in time to take on board the pointers in it to help my daughter through her upcoming pre teen years, and I plan to re-read it each year to stay informed! You can read my Amazon review of the book here.

I respect the work that Tanith has done, because I really enjoyed her last book too. I reviewed it on this blog when it came out in 2009 - you can see that review here.

So now I've given you lots of great reading to do, you just need the time to do it!! Stay tuned to this blog, I have loads of great time saving tips!

Thanks for visiting! You are looking hot today! x

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