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**This is an amended Product Review Post**

Product Name: Steam Mop by Black & Decker
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Price: £79.99
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria with the Black & Decker Steam Mop.
Clean your home the natural way - the Steam Mop kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria using only tap water - no heavy scrubbing or harsh chemicals needed. (The Black & Decker® steam mop will kill 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria, such as Salmonella and E.Coli, provided the floor surface is visually clean and the steam mop is used as directed in the instruction manual.)

Initial Thoughts: The mop was easy to set up and use but the carpet glider part confused my husband at first! He assembled the mop and started doing the kitchen floor with it but there was an awful scratchy sound. I realised that he'd put the carpet glider onto the end of the mop when it didn't need to be there for wood floors like we have in the kitchen! This was the reason for the scratchy sound, so when the carpet glider was removed, the mop was instantly quiet and worked properly! I do love how you can use this steam mop on carpets though- it won't pick up dirt, you will have to vacuum first, but the mop will freshen and deodorise carpets which is an extra benefit. This feature will save money in the long run as I tend to get my living room carpet steamed once a year so this mop has already recouped its value with that functionality.

I Liked: It felt reassuring when I could see the steam coming off my bathroom tile after swiping the mop over the area! You could tell that the floor was clean and after doing my laminate wood floors first, when I turned the dial to 'tile' I could really see the power. The steam is more restrained on wood although it does lift the dirt. But in tile, you really get the full blast of steam! Another plus is how fast this mop was to use- the heat up time is just 15 seconds so there is no hanging around!

I wasn't Keen: I had to write something in this section but it's hard to find anything to dislike about this mop! Let's face it - mopping the floor isn't my favourite activity, there will always be better things to do but this device makes the whole process easier, faster and dare I say more enjoyable?! I like how the cleaning pad can be removed and washed in my machine so I don't have to purchase replacement pads which is money saving. You just have to make sure that you don't use fabric softener when you wash it, so I've been putting it in with my gym kit. My Nike active wear is all 'dri-fit' which means you can't use fabric softener with that either so I bung it all in together!

Overall: This mop is a very useful addition to any domestic goddess's toolkit! Storing it takes up less space than a mop and bucket, and the fact that it runs on water only has environmental kudos as well as saving money on using detergents. I think this is a brilliant invention and the swivel head makes it really easy to glide over the floor so using it is really simple. In fact, because it is a bit more 'hi tech' than a bog standard mop, the kids showed an interest in it so with a bit of encouragement, I bet I can get them to give it a go on my next use- thereby saving my own energy too!

After using my steam mop for about a month, the handle snapped one morning whilst I was stooping low to clean under a chair! It was the plastic handle that broke- maybe I was putting too much pressure onto it but I didn't feel like I was applying any stress to the mop by bending low to clean under a chair!

Anyway I contacted Black & Decker's PR company and I was sent a new steam mop with no quibbles, their attention to customer service was excellent. They also advised me that the Steam Mop comes with a 2 year warranty, so any issues like this can be dealt with quickly. I didn't expect a 2 year warranty as these days most products seem to come with just 1 year so I was very impressed.

I've also decided that in future I will just move the chair to clean, rather than try to clean under it by bending down!! Thanks everyone who was involved in sending my new steam mop- I'm VERY happy with it!

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  1. TYVM for this review! Kept seeing the commercials, seemed like a good gadget. Just wanted to know it actually cleans like they say. Your reivew was EXTREMELY helpful! :-)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm so glad that the review helped you to make a decision on your purchase. I really do love mine, it makes life soooo much easier when I'm cleaning!!

  3. Are there streaks on the floors after you have cleaned them? I know with some mops that has been a problem.

  4. Hi Anon
    I can't say I've noticed streaks. I have mainly wooden laminate floors so I don't see streaks on them, it comes up pretty well. The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes if you have some 'ground in' dirt on the floor you need to hold the steam mop over that area for a bit longer to loosen the dirt but then it comes off, and on my bathroom floor which is tile, I don't get streaks (it is a matt tile) but I do get some little flecks of dirt around the edges of the floor where the steam mop has picked up fluff, hair and dirt off the floor and it sticks to the edge of the mop cleaning pad. The bits get to the edge of the floor where I've pushed my mop over the floor but when you push back and forth, sometimes the loose fluff comes off the mop pad and stays on the edge of the floor. I just go over the floor edge with a wet wipe or tissue after cleaning to remove it.
    All in all, I really do love my mop- I'm not just saying it! It's a great little invention! I just wish I had one of those vacuum robots that you can buy than vacuum up the floor when you are out so your floors are 'self cleaning'!!

  5. I love the steam mop. Agree with Nadine's comments re loose fluff staying on the edge of the floor, but overall have been pleased with it - that is until the handle broke on mine too. I've contacted Black & Decker who have organised to pick it up and replace it, so hopefully all going well I'll have a new mop!!

  6. Thanks for your comment S Grant! Hope you get a new mop soon!!

  7. i had the mop and found it really good but then it stopped steaming for some reason gotta take it back but its been really good until then and its good that i can take the mop head off to wash it !!


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