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Product Name: Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner by Organic Surge
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Price: £4.99 each
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: Prevent your hair colour fading with Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo and Colour Protect Conditioner. This natural duo will care and protect colour treated hair blending natural moisturisers with Lychee extract, scientifically proven to prolong the intensity of your hair colour. Whether your hair is blonde, red, brown or black Colour Protect Duo will keep your colour alive!

Initial Thoughts: I loved the clean and modern feel of the packaging. The bottles looked like they'd be perfect for me to take to the gym so this is exactly what I did! At first I was surprised that the shampoo bottle was larger than the conditioner- mainly because I tend to put LOADS of conditioner on my hair as it's so dry. So I end up running out of conditioner first! But of course sometimes it's good to shampoo your hair twice to ensure it's really clean so this must be why you get more of that! I liked the lovely bright colours on the label, which makes a nice change from some brands of shampoo and conditioner on the market that go for 'minimalist' white or neutral tones. I like brightness!

I Liked: The smell of these products was absolutely gorgeous! I think that part of the whole experience of using the products we choose has to do with how many of our senses it touches. So visually I liked the packaging and I loved the smell too- big ticks for both!! The scent was uplifting and ended up being my favourite thing about using these products.

I wasn't Keen: Being a highlighted blonde with naturally brown hair, my hair has seen a lot of colouring and has become dry through bleach and foil highlights. Coupled with my natural hair texture which is coarse and frizzy (I blow dry a lot and use heated rollers too) which means I am a candidate for really intensive moisturising products! I need as much moisture as I can get and these products let me down a bit on this score. Having said that, I would agree that my hair is quite an extreme case! I am at the far end of dryness with it- and the moisturising qualities of this shampoo and conditioner would probably be sufficient for a person with 'normal' hair.

Overall: The Organic Surge shampoo and conditioner that I tried are sold at a reasonable price point for what you get. I think that they'd be perfect for people who have really fashionable vibrant hair colours which are really 'in' at the moment but can fade very quickly. If you have hair colour that pops and want to keep it, give these a try!

**Addition** Hey readers, I wanted to give you an update! The people at Organic Surge read my review and loved it but were a little sad for my dry, frizzy hair. So, they sent me their shampoo and conditioner especially for dry or frizzy hair- it is called the Moisure Boost duo. This set looks just like the ones pictured above but the label is a dusky pink colour rather than red.
I have to say, the Moisture Boost left my hair in better condition than the other set, so for end results- I'd pick that one! However I did prefer the gorgeous smell of the Colour Protect duo. The Moisture Boost duo smells ok with organic almond and palmarosa essential oils - nice enough, but my vote for smell goes to Colour Protect!!

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