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Product Name: Personalised photo frame by i-pic
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Price: £9.99 plus delivery
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: i-pic introduce the latest innovative way to frame your perfect moments! i-pic is an innovative new product, designed to display your most cherished photographs, making this product a perfect gift for a wide range of occasions.
i-pic allows you to write personal messages on both the front and back of the frame, really bringing your image to life. The frames are also magnetic so you can display your favourite pictures on any magnetic surface, including your family fridge - offering multiple ways to display your perfect moment, for everybody to see and enjoy.

Initial Thoughts: I thought this was a really cute idea- and would make a fab gift for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday. It is definitely a 'girly' gift, I don't think men would be as pleased with an i-pic gift but women appreciate the personal touch, so I ordered one as a gift for my friend. The website confused me a little initially, as it says the i-pic is a personalised photo FRAME, so I just expected to get a frame that I could put my own hard copy photo into. However the i-pic is both a frame and a photo within it! I realised this when I was asked to upload my photo (thinking it was to put around the outside of the frame) but it was for inside the actual frame!
When the frame arrives you can see that there is nowhere to insert a hard copy photo, so bear in mind that the picture displayed is not interchangeable, but that said, if you match up the displayed image to what goes around it, it makes a very nice, personal, unique gift for a special occasion.

I Liked: The attention to detail. The website automatically checks the resolution of customer images and should put a warning on the screen that the quality may not be as good as they would like. Uploaded images are checked for quality and suitability by their staff too and they will email customers before completing the configuration process if there is an issue so quality wise you are in good hands.

This is the front of my frame and I liked how solid and substantial the frame felt in my hands. It is hard wearing and I love that I can display it on the fridge with it being magnetic. It gives you more display options than just the usual mantle piece or windowsill!

I wasn't Keen: I did find the website a little confusing at first. When I went to 'create your own' frame, it asked me to upload a new photo which I did. I expected the photo to be used around the frame edge- leaving the actual 'picture' bit blank- for the recipient to insert their own treasured photo, but the picture I uploaded went into the centre of the frame as the display photo. I wasn't expecting this.
I decided to go with a pre designed frame and personalise it instead as this was less confusing than the 'create your own' option- but this could be just me! The option to use their pre designed templates was very easy to navigate and I easily found the theme I wanted.

Overall: This frame will make a very special and personal gift and at £9.99 plus delivery, it is set at a price point that makes it very affordable. I'd definitely use i-pic again in the future for a photo frame with a difference!

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