The Luckiest Horse in The World

This is the composed 'after' shot:

But before we got to this fine snapshot of calm equestrian life, we had the squeals (this was my kids in over excitement), the brushing of wiry tails, the horses slobbery chops on our hands whilst they ate all the apples we'd took, and the dog with a death wish who wouldn't move from in front of my car as I drove onto the farm!

My friend Claire has this magnificent horse Bryah. Look at her- she's as tall as a police horse (Bryah, not Claire!) and Claire has her stabled a short drive from where we live so we went round to visit last Half Term. Claire is the sultry brunette in all these shots - I was behind the camera!

This is the kids grooming Bryah:

And this is my daughter bravely attempting to get near the tail to give it a brush!

Claire told me that horses like treats, carrots and apples, so we went via Sainsbury's to get some. I took a bag of 'Value' apples, thinking that the horse won't want all of them and I'd be able to put the rest into my own fruit bowl! No such luck! Bryah loves her treats - she's the luckiest horse in the world!

As someone who is clueless about horses, I knew they took a lot of work, but I didn't realise how much! It's like having a newborn baby who stays in newborn stage forever! At least with a baby you get kisses and cuddles in bed. I wouldn't want to bring this beast near my bedroom- she'd take up a whole Kingsize! But my daughter absolutely loved Bryah. Since our day at the stables, she has started plaiting her toy horses tail, just like the show horses! Bless her!

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