I'm Speaking at CyberMummy 2011!

I can't wait until June this year! Because it's CyberMummy 2011!

After last year's excellent event where I hosted the lunchtime table discussion "The Blog Life Balance" and we had the rowdiest table of the lot(!) the lunchtime discussion has been developed and improved to become an afternoon workshop on the schedule!

I've been working with the lovely Ellen from In A Bun Dance as my case study for the past few weeks, coaching her through some time management techniques to help make her blogging smoother! The things we've done and lessons learned will form part of the workshop to help other bloggers on the day!

The team at Kelloggs have sponsored me so I'm in a nice hotel! Just as well - with all the freebies we got from Cybermummy last year, I couldn't stagger back on the train with it all so this way I only have to stagger back to the hotel!

So hope to see you there - come say "Hi"! http://www.cybermummy.com/


  1. I'm a Cybermummy virgin and I can't wait.

  2. Yes, you were quire rowdy now I think about it!!
    See you soon.


  3. It will be great to see you both at CyberMummy - and meet lots of lovely new bloggers!!
    Can't wait!


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