At Home Column #15 - Business Mum: 'How To Plan For The School Holidays!'

at home's blogger Nadine Hill is always brimming with top time management tips to help other busy mums juggle their careers with family life – and we absolutely love her fab fortnightly features. And with Easter half term in full swing, Nadine has put together a very exclusive video post to show modern mums (and dads!) how to plan activities for the school holidays and keep the little ones entertained...

I write a fortnightly column for At Home - the Premier UK celebrity and lifestyle magazine, and this one appeared on their site a month ago. Do visit At Home and leave me a comment on the post there so they get to see your opinions too!
About the Author
Nadine Hill is a busy working mum (“Is there any other kind?!”) who has a fascination with time management which borders on the obsessive! She loves to find more effective ways of doing the daily juggle whilst enjoying the journey and has lots of practise through raising her two children, managing her small business, being a best-selling author, running her home, public speaking and finding time to get to the gym! Nadine’s ambition is to help busy mums claw back a bit of ‘me time’ so she shares her tips with at home in these fortnightly columns and her own life stories on her blog- Juggle Mum.
She also micro blogs on Twitter where she is @Businessmum. You can learn more about Nadine at

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  1. I love it! Great job. Mom Blog Society is looking for members to feature. If you are interested come on over, we will find you don't worry.



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