At Home Column #14- Time Management Tips for Kate!

The run up to a wedding is a time when the bride is spinning many plates, so can you imagine what bride to be Kate Middleton’s diary looks like this month? But not only will she have a lot to organise, with the world’s media eyes on her she’ll have to do it whilst looking effortless and naturally glam too! Of course the new Princess will have lots of help to pull together her big day, so for her and other brides to be across the country, here are some top tips for being a Jugglista on your big day!

Make yourself less available
As the ‘star’ of the show on your big day, everyone wants a piece of you and you’ll need to be well rested beforehand to be up to the challenge! In the weeks leading up to your wedding, scale back social commitments (except for the hen night of course!) and preserve your energy for the marathon to come! I remember on my wedding day, as the ‘host’ of the occasion, I was present all day and the last to leave on the night! Everyone has come to see you, so you can’t go sloping off to bed early! You won’t get much sleep on your wedding night but it will be due to the entertaining rather than any bedroom shenanigans!

Chief Bridesmaid as a Decoy!
This leads me onto the next point – consummating the marriage. Given that you’ll most likely be on the dance floor until the small hours, if the marriage is to be consummated on the wedding day, the prime slot is after the wedding breakfast but before the night do begins! Your guests will be in a lull period, probably propping up the bar so brief your Chief Bridesmaid in advance that her presence is required to mingle with the guests, looking official in her fancy gown, enabling you to slope off with your new hubby! Having her around for the guests to see will make them wonder less about where you are, and you can join the party again when you’re ready. Guests will assume you’ve been off having photos done on the hotel grounds somewhere!

Plan, plan, plan...
For your day to run smoothly, you will want to have thought out and planned through the day beforehand, leaving you to relax and enjoy when it arrives. This means thinking about your guests and what they might need. If children are attending your wedding, purchase some colouring books and pens or other age appropriate games to keep them quiet during the speeches. When I took my children to a recent family wedding, I took their Nintendo DS consoles, as did some of the other mums for their kids, so they had plenty to do in the ‘boring’ part! (ie: any time they weren’t posing for pictures or eating!). The seating plan is also key so everyone knows where they need to be and can just get seated ready for your big entrance!

Put Someone in Charge!
If you do not have a wedding planner, farm out the responsibilities to your close family guests. The Duty Manager in a hotel will usually run the day for you if you use this kind of venue, but if not, make sure someone is there to shepherd the guests to where they need to be. Ensure they have a running order for the day with timings, and put different people in charge of different things so they can all do their bit then relax and enjoy the day.

Take One Moment at a Time...
The most important thing for the bride on her big day is to be mindfully present. Don’t get caught up in the arrangements, others are sorting that for you now. Your only job is to enjoy the day and savour each moment. The day goes so fast and it’s one that you’ll remember forever, so don’t go into ‘autopilot’ mode! On my wedding day my cousin who had married the year before me told me to get to the top of the aisle then pause and look around to take it all in before I walked down. I’m so glad I did because when I close my eyes now I can see the mental picture. I can see the guests sat waiting for me, and my husband waiting at the front. I remember how it felt to be the ‘queen for the day’ and how much I enjoyed that first glass of champagne afterwards, now the nerve wracking ‘official’ bit was over! Some of my night do is a bit of a blur, although I do remember playing air guitar to Bon Jovi in my white meringue wedding gown! Now that is something I can’t forget!

What memories do you have of your big day, or any tips for Kate? Drop me a line below...

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