Why Do I Blog? My First Assignment.

I'm a member of the British Mummy Bloggers Network, and one of about 20 cherry picked members to be invited to make up a launch group of 'vloggers' to accelerate the medium of vlogging into the network.
Our launch meeting took place in London in March 2011, and our first assignment was to answer the question: "Why Do I Blog?"
This is my answer!

If for any reason my video doesn't embed above, you can see the video at this link:

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Great first vlog - I loved seeing both of your kids, and you were very relaxed and natural. I enjoyed watching it :)

  2. Thanks hun, I've got you on my list of blogs to go look at when the kids are in bed!!! Have a great day! x

  3. What a lovely vlog, really natural and gave a great flavour of what you and your blog are about. I'm attempting to post one up soon, about 10 years later!

  4. Thanks so much Uju! I can't wait to see yours when you get it uploaded!! x


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