Review: Rockport Woven Sandals

This is me modelling my new shoes! (How I wish I'd have fake tanned my legs before taking this picture!)

**This is a Product Review Post**

Product Name: Katja Woven Mule by Rockport
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Price: £120.00
Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The blurb: While traversing through the open air markets and artisan's studios of the world, we are inspired by the details rooted in traditional craftsmanship.
Rockport brings the unique combination of contemporary style and engineered comfort to metropolitan professionals around the world. We create collections that are sophisticated and stylish without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Initial Thoughts: When I opened my box containing the Katja Woven Mules, I felt like Olivia Newton John in Grease- y'know, the bit at the end where clean cut Sandy Dee becomes a vixen in skin tight black and smoking a cigarette. These mules reminded me of the ones she wore to stub out the cigarette on the floor then push over poor John Travolta who was mesmerised by her transformation! So we were off to a great start- when I slipped these shoes on, I already had positive thoughts in my head, but when I started to walk in these heels, I really felt good as they were just so comfortable!!

I've had some wooden mules in the past, but found them hard to walk in and quite 'clumpy', but the Rockport's have got new Adiprene by Adidas technology within them which makes for a more comfortable base for strutting your stuff around the pavements of the city! When you feel these shoes, they are really solid, well made and substantial- you know they are not 'cheap' shoes, so you would expect this to translate into something that is more difficult to walk in. Us girls know that great fashion shoes don't always equal comfort or ease on our poor feet, but I was pleasantly surprised with these mules. They look high fashion, they look good quality but they are also wearable - you could last all day in these without having to put your feet in a foot spa when you get home!

I Liked: The attention to detail. The studs down the side of the mules have a letter 'R' on them for Rockport, and the woven part is double stitched and secure, so your feet feel enclosed enough that the shoes don't 'clickety clack' as you walk! The tread on the underside of the shoes is also soft rubber so there is no loud sound- this means if you are walking across a marble lobby you can do so discreetly and let people glance at you because of your style rather than glare at you for all the noise! I know when I've come into a business presentation or meeting when the room is quiet, it can be embarassing when your shoes are making all the noise and you end up having to do a silly tip toe creep across the floor to get to your seat! At least these shoes navigate that particular hurdle!

I wasn't Keen: The only downside I felt about these shoes and the reason I gave them a 4/5 rather than a full marks is because the soles of the shoes are inflexible (because they are made of wood!) but this means I could not drive in the shoes. I had to take a pair of flip flops with me for the car then change into the mules. This isn't a massive deal but it does mean you have to plan ahead if you know you are driving when wearing these mules!

Overall: These shoes are very well made, certainly fashionable and because they are priced at the 'top end of the High Street' in shoe ranges, you know that you are less likely to bump into someone wearing the same shoes as you at an event! If you like your look to be a little more exclusive and 'quality' focused, you will love wearing these shoes! Plus, the woven trend is going to be big this summer, as are wooden wedges, so these shoes hit the right note for all the fashionista women out there!

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