The Best Bit About Shopping? Showing your Friends Afterwards!

OK, So I'm aware that 'vlogging' sounds like a vaguely sexual term, but all it means is 'video blogging' and this was my first proper video blog recorded at the start of March!

I recently attended a workshop in London to learn more about how to edit video, so future vlogs will hopefully feature graphics and will have been edited, but I did this vlog before I'd attended! In fact I wore the dress I bought here on the day!

So here is my first 'haul' vlog! Having been a WAHM for several years, my wardrobe consists of school run clothes and cocktail dresses from a cruise holiday!
When I was called to London for work, I needed to get something suitable to wear - my old 'work' clothes are hideously out of fashion, so I went off to ASDA and picked up a whole outfit for £40 - and this includes shoes, a watch and jewellery! Check out my bargains!


  1. Loving your vlogs Nadine! You are a true natural!

  2. Aww thanks Peggy! I'm so glad you like them! I'm really enjoying doing them.


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