The Verdict!

I've used it 12 times and the verdict of the jury in the Juggle Mum household is.... (drumroll)

Quantumatic is cool!
It has its good points and bad points, but overall I think it does an excellent job of getting the really grotty stuff off the pots! This picture was taken on the day of my shoot with the photographer and he wanted all the dirty pots leaving out!

Here are my reasons 'For' Quantumatic:
-I used to scrape off any 'baked on' food debris before loading into the dishwasher when I used tablets, with Quantumatic, I don't have to- it gets it all off!
-It's easy having 12 wash cycles in one unit so I don't have to always check I've put the tablet in. I'm always good to go!
-I feel confident that the plates & glasses are clean as the first time I used Quantumatic, steam literally came out of the top of the machine, I've never noticed that happening before, so I think it was the Quantumatic making the wash a lot hotter!

Here are my reasons 'Against' Quantumatic:
-It takes up the space of one glass in my top rack- with a family, every space counts!
-It costs more than the tablets. I buy tablets in bulk from Costco or when they are on promotion in the supermarket so you'd have to stock up on Quantumatic when they are on BOGOFF or whatever the special deal is!

How I'd improve Quantumatic:
...with the instructions! On the pack it didn't tell me where to position the Quantumatic other than 'in the top rack' so after the first wash I was hopeful that I'd done it right! I didn't know if it should be toward the back of the machine on the top rack, or to the side or if centre would be best. I went for positioned centre, to the front and the results were ok but it would have been nice to have some clearer instruction.

A funny story about the Quantumatic:
When I was positioning it in my machine for the first time, my hubby walked in and said "What's that - a bomb?!" I can see his point - it does look like something that Jack Bauer would diffuse in 24!!

How I'll use Quantumatic in future:
I still have loads of tablets to use up so I'll probably use those on my everyday washes, and use the Quantumatic for the heavy duty casseroles and Sunday Dinners.

This is a sponsored post- the opinions are my own.
Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Great to read your thoughts on the product too. It really does do what it says on the tin.

  2. I agree, although it is another 20p or so per wash. Did you see my verdict?
    Hope to meet you at Cybermummy11 !!


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