A Trip Down Memory Lane - My At Home Column #9

I was clearing out the loft this week when I found an old Jackie mag, circa 1990. What’s special about this particular magazine is that it contained photo stories (remember those?!) and I was in one! It was 1990, I was at college and one of my tutors had some influence over who got used for the photo stories. A bunch of us put ourselves forward to be in one, and I got picked with three of my friends!

I played ‘Lucy’ who went out with ‘Kevin’ and we were a really annoying loved up couple, while our friends (Allison and Andy) were constantly fighting. The story was shot in the canteen of Wakefield College and the surrounding streets, and contained a ‘moral of the story’ about learning to get along in a relationship, but it was the proudest moment of my young life! I got paid £25 for appearing – a fortune to my 16 year old self, but the real excitement was actually being in a photo story. I used to devour them all as a teenage girl.

Teenage bibles
Jackie, Blue Jeans, My Guy, Just 17 - I bought every single issue. From these 'teenage bibles', I learnt how to make my own home made face masks, how to successfully paint my nails (one swipe of the brush down the middle of the nail then one swipe either side!), taught how to not leave my drink unattended or let my girlfriends walk home alone. I wasn’t really old enough to be worrying about that when I was reading these articles, but they were helping to educate me as to what it was like to be a woman – all grown up. I once remember having my Just 17 magazine confiscated at school and having my parents called in because I was reading it in class. I really shouldn’t have been reading a magazine in double maths, but it was the content of the article which bothered the teacher as I was only about 11 at the time. It was called 'How I lost my virginity' and contained anecdotes from the celebs of the day.

Now that I’m a mum myself to an eight year old daughter, I breathe a sigh of relief that her magazines are called Wizards of Waverley Place and Girl! Her pin ups are of fluffy cats and Hannah Montana. Mine were of Jon Bon Jovi and Balthazar Getty. I know the time will come when she wants to read about Justin Bieber and find out about s-e-x, but long may her beautiful innocence continue. Let me get a few more facial lines before I really have something to worry about.

Mags and moody teens

It’s only when you have children yourself that you truly learn what worrying is. Do you remember telling your teenage friends "my parents don’t understand me”, and really believing that they knew nothing about ‘first love’? Those teenage years are hard - you are figuring out who you are while being ever so sensitive to the slightest hint of criticism, clashing with your friends on a daily basis and, on top of all this, working out what you want to do with the rest of your life. It’s a lot to cope with - no wonder teenagers are moody!

When doing the daily juggle that is modern living, it can be easy to speed through life without stopping to make sure no-one is left behind. Teenage magazines like the ones I used to love are a great way of helping introduce life subjects to your children, which you can then expand upon at home with your child. Every Jugglista should have a tool-kit of strategies to help her tackle every life eventuality, and remembering what you were like and dipping back in to the teenage world is a great way to see what issues are facing kids today. I often pick up a More! magazine along with my SHE, but next time I’m at the shops I may see if there is anything ‘younger’, so I can prepare myself before my baby starts asking for explanations. 

I’d love to do another photo story but unfortunately magazines aimed at women in their mid 30’s don’t feature them! Even if they did, I’d have to get my friend ‘Kevin’ to star alongside me again, but he might not fancy it. He’s a radio DJ with a morning breakfast show now!

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