R.I.P Time Management Mum, and 'Up Yours' to its new Owner

I'd like to take a moment's silence to grieve for the loss of Time Management Mum. She was a good sort, enthusiastic blogger and a massive supporter of us busy women.

Now I'd like to confirm it is 'Out with the old' - and 'in with the new'! This is my new blog 'JUGGLE MUM'!!!! The same fabulous design, the same *interesting* posts (about everything from va-jayjay covers to going to Number 10 Downing Street!) and the same writer - that would be me, Nadine Hill!

So why the change I hear you ask?
Well, it was all down to an error. I got this blog designed two years ago by an awesome blog designer based in the USA. I knew I wanted to call it 'Time Management Mum' and I wanted to have the 'dotcom' URL of the same name to point it to, so whilst she was designing for me, she offered to get the domain at the same time to make for an easier installation of the blog at the right address.

When the dotcom domain was up for renewal a year later, she paid the relevant fee and I paid her back. I also tried to find out how we could transfer the ownership of the domain so I wouldn't always have to bother her at renewal time, but I suspect she was so busy doing designs that she never got round to giving me the auth codes and whatever other info I needed to take control of the domain.

So this year (2011) I emailed her a month before the renewal date to ask how much the renewal would be- last time I'd paid $10, and offered to send it to her in advance. I never got a reply. I have since found out that she had changed email accounts in the last year so she didn't get my messages.

...and what happened then is that the domain lapsed, and a domain grabber from the USA swooped in and took the expired domain like a vulture spotting its lunch, and www.TimeManagementMum.com now points at a GoDaddy holding page with a badge on it saying "want us to help you try to buy this domain?"

I'm sure the *person* who did this expected me to get in touch, begging for the domain back, and offering to pay them large sums of money to acquire it! Well my message to them is "UP YOURS".

This is a copy of the email I sent the domain grabber when I had got hold off the 'whois' details for the domain:

To: joe@web1syndication.com
Sent on 13th march 2011
Subject: good luck to you, you cuckoo

Hi Joe
I see you have swooped in and bought my expired domain www.TimeManagementMum.com

A third party who bought this domain on my behalf two years ago let me down and failed to renew. If you are hoping that I will be begging you to re-purchase the domain you are sadly mistaken.

Time Management Mum is a brand I made up - it came from my imagination and my marketing skills went into making it known. You obviously don't have the creativity to create a brand yourself from scratch - you would rather swoop in and take another person's brand. You are no better than a thief.

Good luck to you in making this work. I have moved on with a new brand and a new website, Time Management Mum is OLD NEWS.

I hope you can sleep well at night.

Nadine Hill, Time Management Expert

Did you see me in March's issue of Pregnancy & Birth with top time tips for new mums? Issue out now!

So, I'm back as Juggle Mum - a better name, sharper, to the point, shorter and less fiddly to type in than the former! I have plans to make this blog even better - more video content, more fun and more tips, so stick with me guys! If you can update your blogrolls with this new information I'd appreciate it! (The new URL is www.JuggleMum.com)

...And after a short break from blogging (I'm taking the rest of the week to make strategic plans for the blog and let this post stay on the homepage for as long as possible), I'll be back next week with my usual two posts a week minimum!

See you then!

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Good one Nadine. Juggle Mum is even better and this is one in the eye for those who steal others IP. Initiative and good ideas will always win in the end!

  2. Thanks Sarah, I appreciate your comment!
    I've had comments on FaceBook too to say "Good for you!"
    It's so annoying when people try to copy your ideas - especially when they don't make anything good with them. I suppose imitation is a form of flattery. But it keeps the people who steal ideas small, as they never realise their own abilities to be creative for themselves, when all they do is copy others.
    I feel sorry for them.
    Thanks Sarah, Nadine x

  3. I can't believe the cheek of the bloke! But I bet this was not the first time! Love the domain Juggle Mum!

  4. Thanks Tattie! I bet it's not the first time either but I think this domain is better too- it's shorter for a start!!


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