Pancake Day- where my husband is NOT a caveman!

I need to explain my blog post title!
You see, hubby & I have been together for years, more than 20 to be exact, and out of all that time I'll never forget the day I lovingly prepared a tomato & mozzerella tart made with filo pastry (home-made too!), a fresh green salad with some new potatoes and a glass of white wine each and waited for him to come home and be in awe of my domestic goddess-ery!

On the day in question he came home from a long day at work (he's a builder so has a very physical job), looked at my 'trendy cafe' style meal and said "I need meat!" I'm condensing the actual conversation of that day because it's too long winded but the gist of it being that I was upset that my hard kitchen work wasn't met with the delight I was expecting, and his point being that after 10 hours of labour where all he'd had to eat was a cold sandwich, he needed something substantial when he walked in the door. Ever since that day years ago we've been laughing at this story, and I tell him he was a caveman that day!

So every night when he walks in from work, he gets his meat and two veg! I'm not going to pretend that I always cook it- I'm aware I sound a bit like a pinny wieilding 1950's housewife, running round after her man, no he's the foodie in the family and loves to cook himself, but whichever one of us cooks, meat is always on the menu.

Except for one one day of the year - PANCAKE DAY!!

This week we had a feast of pancakes. I'd been super organised and bought some Betty Crocker shake mix last week. (The easy method!)

Hubby preferred the measuring flour, eggs and water method - I told you he was a foodie! But we both made a stack for us and the kids. Here are some pictures of them enjoying them!

...except hubby had a secret. He'd stashed 2 cans of Irish Stew in the cupboard to have with his pancakes! He really does need his meat after all!

I hope you like my blog. I feel like a party host and you are my guests so it's important to me that you feel welcome! Do follow this blog so I know who my guests are! Your support really makes a difference. x

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