Mischievous Me!

This is me aged about 8 (middle) - the age my daughter is now!

I pulled out this photo after Tara at Sticky Fingers started pulling together a 'Blogger's Yearbook'! ...and this is Tara looking as mischievous as me!!

This photo has really cheered me up today! The day started off badly, as my daughter sneezed into my Weetabix so I did the school run hungry as I didn't fancy a side order of snot! On the way out of my drive, I smashed my car's wing mirror. By the time I'd got to school I'd abandoned the idea of going to the gym and headed for McDonalds instead to load up on a Sausage & Egg McMuffin and a latte! Then the guilt started. I missed the aerobics class last Monday too! I've worked so hard to lose 2 stone and I don't want to start creeping back up the scales.

So when I found this picture to include in the Blogger's Year Book, I looked at the cheeky girl in the middle. Yes, I was the sort of girl who would sneeze in someone's breakfast too! I also used to get told off for chatting in class, I once got put on report for peeing in the showers when the school went to swimming lessons and when I was a teen, I sneaked out of the bathroom window onto the carport roof and went dancing to 'Rooftop Gardens'!! Yes, it was a cheesy club I was too young to be in, and I had a great time until my mum found out I wasn't in my bed and came to the club looking for me! My daughter is an angel in comparison to me, so I'm turning today around and counting my blessings that I don't have to parent the young miss in the picture above! I can't wait to see the finished Yearbook!

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x


  1. Rooftop Gardens - there can't be two, can there? We must be from a similar part of the country.

  2. haha! Are you based near Wakefield - West Yorkshire?! If so maybe we both went to "Roofies" as we all called it!!

  3. Fantastic--what a cheeky little girl! And how lovely that it cheered you up.

    I've got this on my list to do as well, I love the yearbook idea and I think it's fun for readers to see us at earlier ages. I might choose one from high school with a big 1980's perm... if I can bear it ;)

  4. Thanks for your comment Michelloui!
    I love the year book idea- we all had big perms in the 80's didn't we?!


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