The Jury's Out.....

I'm in the middle of my Quantumatic trial and still deciding what I think of it.

My initial thought when I saw the product was that it takes up space in my glass rack - the space of 1 glass. In my household, I need to get as many glasses in as possible so my usual tablets are more space saving than the big butch Quantum!

When I put the first load in with the Quantumatic, it seemed such a momentus occasion that I refilled my rinse aid and the dishwasher salt! They were due for topping up anyway but at least I started the trial with everything to play for!

Here is me and my 'challenge':

...and this is the 'after'!

I really was impressed that the baked on stuff on the baking tray was gone. I'm still taking notes and deciding which i prefer - tablets or Quantumatic, so I'll have my final verdict soon!

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x


  1. I really like the idea of videos for reviews. You are a natural, you should be on telly. Lovely to meet you in London :)

  2. Aww thanks Penny! ..and it was lovely to meet you too! Hopefully see you at CyberMummy!!


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