I'm on The Jury!

...but the trial isn't in a courtroom, it's in my kitchen!

I went to London this week to get the product and have a briefing as I've been invited to be a member of the jury for The Finish Quantumatic Trial!

Finish have asked 12 'house proud women' to trial the product and give it a rigorous testing! Here is the full Quantumatic product and a refill pack:

I'll be doing my regular heavy use of the dishwasher and noting what I think. After 12 washes I'll deliver my verdict! As a family of four, I have the dishwasher on daily, and we get some pretty 'baked on' ovenware, so I'll be impressed if it tackles all that. Plus, as you know I love anything that saves time, multitasks or makes life easier so I want to pay particular interest to how easy the Quantumatic is to use.

Speaking of multitasking, my dishwasher itself is an appliance with multiple benefits - I often get a mini facial if I open the dishwasher too soon after its cycle with all the steam!

Check back soon to see what I think!

Thanks for reading! You are looking hot today! x

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