At Home Column #11 - Life's Little Details

Mums love details. Fact. They need them in order to run their lives, and don’t forget, we are also managing the diaries and lives of our offspring too! I was in the gymnasium recently at my daughter’s parents evening to discuss her progress with the Head Coach.

She has been taking gymnastics for just under a year now but since birth she has never been the right way up! When she needs to get from one side of the room to the other, she doesn’t walk, she forward rolls! Gymnastics is in her blood, so when we found this group, we were both delighted. Her, because she could learn her craft, and me because it gave her an outlet for all her energy and would help her to develop control over her own body.

So we were discussing her progress and the Coach mentioned she’d like to move my daughter into a new training group that would be picked on ability. This would mean that she’d start training with a view to entering competitions. It would be highly disciplined and a big commitment. There would be three training sessions per week and extra on the lead up to competitions. Or, we could opt to have her go to a different training group which would have a more recreational focus. She’d do her badge work and continue to learn her movements and develop her skills, but the pressure of competitions wouldn’t be there.

Whilst I was listening to all this, I’m thinking – “I need the details!”, I need to know what times and what days the training sessions for all of the above will be on. I need to know what the new group is going to cost, and how many competitions would be likely per year. I can’t hope to make an informed decision with my daughter without the details!

Daily Juggle
Details are so important to help us manage our lives more effectively. I hate to waste time but I find I have a lot of small windows of time in my day, because of school runs, nursery runs and other fixed regular appointments like most mums up and down the country. These segments of time are not long enough to hope to get large projects done, so I have to break up most of my activities into a ‘little and often’ cycle. I can get a little done now and a little done later and over the course of the week it all gets done, but if I had a few concentrated hours to just get on with it, I would certainly have more free time! However when I know the details of when and where my little pockets of ‘dead time’ would be, I can plan something suitable to fill them, so I’m not wasting the time but using it more productively. I’m a bit of a planner by nature, it’s the Jugglista in me, so a few years ago I even brought out a personal organiser for busy women called The Busy Book which is like a desk diary with sections for helping to stay organised! My love for time management is such that I needed to make my own diary!

Too many details
There is however a difference between productive details and pointless fact churning. There was media hype in Australia last year when tennis star Lleyton Hewitt released the name of his new baby daughter via a premium rate SMS service so fans had to pay $2 each to learn that the baby was called Ava! I’m all for a bit of celebrity gossip but I wouldn’t pay to hear a baby’s name that will almost certainly be reported on a blog somewhere within a few weeks.

If the devil is in the details then I’d say cashing in on your baby’s name qualifies! How important are life’s little details to you? Drop me a line below...

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